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Taiwan Excellence Awards Showcase Innovation: Unveiling 7 Remarkable Products

aiwan Excellence Awards Showcase Innovation: Unveiling 7 Remarkable Products

The recently concluded 32nd Taiwan Excellence Awards celebrated the prowess of 182 companies and 320 products, spotlighting Taiwan’s dedication to cutting-edge innovation and technological progress. Widely regarded as the Oscars of Taiwan’s industry, these awards, organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, underscore Taiwan’s growing significance in the global industrial landscape. With a record-breaking 469 companies submitting 948 products, the awards not only reflect the island nation’s adaptability but also its competitiveness in an ever-evolving market.

In the realm of groundbreaking products, seven unique creations stood out among the winners, showcasing Taiwan’s prowess across diverse sectors:

  1. Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment (UDE) App: The UDE App introduces a paradigm shift in diagnostic environments, offering a comprehensive solution that blends cutting-edge technology with practical utility.
  2. MAP8 Platform: Disrupting the traditional model of map vendors, the MAP8 Platform boasts 100% proprietary map data and a comprehensive map engine. Its exclusive API interface enables enterprises to integrate platform services seamlessly, setting a new standard in map data accessibility.
  3. WhiizU: Indoor Cycling Virtual Training Application: WhiizU innovatively combines virtual 3D and geo-synchronized video, creating the world’s first indoor cycling application. With animated 3D Avatar riders, it provides cyclists with a realistic road-feel experience, redefining the landscape of indoor cycling training.
  4. AR Collaboration: Developed by ARPlanet Digital, the AR Collaboration Platform revolutionizes cross-domain visual communication. Enabling remote collaboration through mobile devices, it facilitates real-time assistance, 3D anchor point marking, spatial annotation, and more. This product enhances work efficiency, ensures safety, and delivers environmental benefits.
  5. DeepVoice: Chunghwa Telecom’s DeepVoice is a game-changer in intelligent customer service. Implementing speech recognition and AI text analysis across government and public-sector call centers, it transcribes audio recordings into text files within five minutes, providing searchable, accessible, and analyzable data for improved customer service.
  6. 4K Robotic Pan Tilt Head with Auto Tracking Device: The PTR-15, developed by Datavideo, transforms video cameras into PTZ cameras. Offering remote control with a sleek design, it supports 4K 2160p and features auto-tracking capabilities. Affordable and flexible, the PTR-15 and AT-1 make upgrading video cameras for multi-camera remote productions accessible.
  7. AI Health Care Time-of-Flight 3D Depth Sensing Camera: Ideal for AIoT applications, this camera integrates real-time imaging and depth 3D sensing technology. It finds applications in smart factories, logistics, and autonomous driving, safeguarding privacy through non-RGB images. By combining ToF depth cameras with vision AI technology, it is possible to leverage high-security image recognition capabilities, making it particularly suitable for applications in health care and smart massage robots.

The above award-winning products, spanning industries from healthcare to robotics, not only highlight Taiwan‘s resilience but also affirm its forward-thinking spirit in the global technological landscape. The upcoming awards ceremony on December 6 promises to celebrate the gold and silver award recipients, further spotlighting Taiwan’s achievements on the global stage.


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