What are some technological advances that affect marketing today?

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We cannot ignore the fact that technology is progressing on daily basis. Each day you wake up and see a new invention in making or just even a trend. Technology advancement is something that is not only affecting our personal lives but is also playing a huge role in developing businesses. There were times when you used to struggle a lot just to put up an ad in the newspaper and today we have websites, chatbots, and what not to bring up our ad. Take a simple service that helps you to get affordable law essay assignment help, for instance, even they have chatbots.

It proves that the evolution of technology isn’t going to stop. Not at least in upcoming years. Instead, you expect it to grow further. And the time is quite near when you don’t need workers to handle your business. Bots will be looking after everything for you. Now we don’t know if it should be considered a good thing or bad. Because in that case, the world might suffer unemployment. Besides, it may take a lot of time to finally create a bot that has no errors.

What do statistics say?

An article, published in 2019, stated; in 2013, there was a ratio of 47% of marketers who kept their focus on creativity for marketing strategy. And in 2018 this ratio dropped down to 29%. In the same blog, they predicted that by 2022 this ratio will rise to 56% and marketers won’t only focus on creativity but will also prioritize technology to support their marketing campaign. However, for 30% of the crowd, technology will take over creativity. 

These statistics show it was clear from the beginning that technology advancement is going to play a huge role in the marketing business and it might beat every other thing. This is what you are going to read below, so stay with us till the end. Who knows, what benefits you by reading this piece of writing. Since we know the topic is quite complex, hence, we decided to break it down into a few subheadings of which tech trends are most likely to affect marketing today. Or maybe… Already did. Who knows?

Technology advancement and Marketing 

We have got way too much time to debate about whether technology advancement has more perks or fewer cons and vice versa. So, why don’t we just drop that debate and throw some light on the actual thing? Shall we? Don’t worry, reading this article won’t cost you anything, it’s as cheap as 7dollaressay.

AR and VR — Metaverse 

As we all know that in October Facebook became Meta and the company stepped into the metaverse. It is a virtual experience for social interaction through the internet and VR and AR headsets.

Vr is short for virtual reality and we see this tech everywhere today. It is sort of a simulated experience. Due to the simulation of the objects, you can experience the most realistic videos that are almost near to reality. Or it can be completely different than that. Augmented reality or AR helps to enhance objects to the level that they seem real. Normally we use visuals, sensory stimulation, or sound to intensify the VR experience.

Now the question is how does it help in marketing? Well, it already has taken the front seat in the marketing industry because most of the stores are developing mobile apps for their stores that will help you to experience their services through VR. Take Gucci for instance, its application assists you to try on their shoes virtually.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI, you can call it anything you want. The truth is that it’s not easy to trust AI and there are so many reasons for that. But it can surely affect your marketing strategy in various ways. Like you can use it to generate an automated decision that will completely be based on the collection of the data, analysis, and different observations of the audience about certain trends that’s been going on. This can influence a decision related to sale/purchase and helps in building brands identity and loyalty.


This technology has already taken over the world of marketing by storm. There is a possibility that blockchain will reach to ultimate heights of $7.74 billion in the next two years. That means we can expect 2024 in favor of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Its decentralization of data can be the biggest impact on marketers as well as users. And it is changing the idea of business transactions.

Integrated marketing communication 

It is a process of uniting different communication elements such as social media, PR, audience analytics, advertising, and principles of business development to keep the brand identity remain consistent across different and definite media channels. With the help of IMC private firms and businesses can deliver an engaging and serene consumer experience for a service or product. It can optimize the positive image of an organization and its relationship with stakeholders.

Web 3.0

Next on the list is the web 3.0 internet version. However, the current version of the internet still is 2.0 but it’s possible that in the future web 3.0 take place and transform business all over again. Because we have seen how strong it is with the help of its associated applications like cryptocurrency, the blockchain, non-fungible tokens, and decentralized autonomous organizations. We think that the idea of decentralization can help business owners to access and store information all around the globe simultaneously.


It is evident that technology has impacted marketing tactics big time and it’s been happening for so long now. But since everyone has high hopes from 2022 and we see almost everyone is predicting things about tech so it does make us a little exciting.

Considering all of the above-mentioned information, this evolution of technology in the marketing world is going to be a hell of a ride. It will not only open doors to success but also rise small start-ups and businesses. But it is only possible if we keep these tabs on. These are some technological advances that affect marketing today that are written and researched by writers who are experts in writing on different topics.

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