Top 5 Telugu tv shows of 2020

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Best Telugu Tv shows

Top Telugu tv shows of 2020 and Telugu tv shows download sites.

1. Karthika Deepam

telugu tv show Karthika Deepam

The story revolves around the lifetime of Deepa (Premi Viswanath), a dark-skinned and pure-hearten girl. She faces several trials and tribulations thanks to her dark-skin complexion. She gets married to a Doctor, Karthik (Nirupam Paritala) who becomes her faith of affection and support in every condition.

Top Telugu tv shows of 2020 Number Second

2. Intinti Gruhalakshmi

telugu tv show Intinti Gruhalakshmi

Intinti Gruhalakshmi is about Tulasi, a dutiful homemade who struggles for her family’s wellbeing. But when she realizes that her family isn’t in her world, what is going to Tulasi’s second innings be like?

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Top Telugu tv shows of 2020 Rank Third

3. Vadinamma

Telugu Tv Show Vadinamma

it’s the remake of a Tamil series, Pandyan Stores, describing the importance of family and their relationships. Raghu Ram is the head of the family. He has three younger brothers Laxman, Bharat and Nani. These four brothers and their mother lead a cheerful life. Raghu gets married to Seetha. Seetha decides to not have children and needs to require care of Raghu’s brothers. She takes care of everyone within the family and always be for them. Then, Laxman and Bharat get married to Shailu and Siri respectively. Now, this drama is about how Seetha maintains the family with none problems and facing all obstacles and keeps the family running happily. this is often a heart-touching drama because each and each point is said and seen during a normal family.

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Top Telugu tv shows of 2020 Aim fourth

4. Devatha

telugu Tv show Devatha

Devatha serial is a few people named Gopi who gets married to a woman named Archana. Gopi may be a mechanic but his stepmother fakes him as an engineer and gets him married to Archana. His stepmother treats him and his wife in a bad manner and since of her Archana loses her pregnancy.

So, Gopi lefts his home and start to measure separately from his parents during a slum. together with his diligence and disposition, he grows to an upscale and respectable person within the society. He now lives during a palatial house during a posh area. But he faces problems due to his parents, siblings and his in-law’s side too.

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Top Telugu tv shows of 2020 Mark Five

5. Chelleli Kaapuram

Telugu tv show Chelleli Kaapuram

Chelleli Kaapuram may be a Telugu television family drama that airs protruding for ninety-three episodes till October 16, 2020. Madhusudhan, Sirisha, Harika, Ravichandran are the cast of the serial. Anshu Reddy, Sushma Kiran, et al. are a part of the serial. The story revolves around Bhoomi., who sacrifices her life for her stepmother and stepsister. Bhoomi is the charming daughter of Madhava and Bhavani. She likes to assist and serve needy people. She is sort of a gem to her father. Her family lives happily with Bhoomi. This happiness fades away when Bhavani dies, and Madhava remarries Neelambari for the sake of his daughters. Neelambari aims to gets closer with Bhoomi. Then she surprises her with excellent news. Then the serial depicts her as a developed girl. Gangadharan and Kamala advise her to seem after herself.

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