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The 10 Best Villa Borghese and Colosseum Guided Tours in Rome!

If you’re visiting the Eternal City, chances are you’ll want to see as much of it as humanly possible. 

And if you’re in Rome for a few days, it’s worth taking advantage of one of the guided tours offered by local companies that will help you make the most out of your time here. 

We’ve rounded up our 10 favourite guided tour companies in Rome—all perfect for anyone who wants to explore this historic city and get some context for what they’re seeing.

1. Artviva Rome Tours

Artviva Rome Tours is a 5-star rated tour company that offers private and group tours. They are a family-run business, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

They offer guided tours of the Villa Borghese gardens, Colosseum area, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill as well as many more sites in Rome. The best part about Artviva is that you can book your tickets online without any fees!

2. Go Roma Tours

Guided tours are a great way to see Rome. If you’re not familiar with the area, a tour guide can help you get around and enjoy the sites.

There are several different types of guided tours: private, group and audio-visual. Private tours allow you to hire your own guide who will take you on a personalised trip through Rome. Group tours consist of several people travelling together with a licensed guide; these groups usually have set departure times each day. 

Audio-visual tours provide an audio narration of what is being seen while on the bus or walking through downtown Rome; these typically include headsets but may also be done via smartphone apps on some audio guides (requires download).

3. Avventure Bellissime

Avventure Bellissime is a small but friendly company offering guided tours to the attractions in Rome like the Villa Borghese guided tour!

The company has been in business for more than 20 years, and they pride themselves on their personalised tours. Guided by an employee named Stefano, you’ll be able to explore the sights that interest you most while learning about Roman history and culture along the way.

The price of this tour is reasonable compared with some other options at €70 per person, including admission fees and an optional lunch break (beverages are not included).

4. Viator Rome Tours

Tours of the city are a great way to get acquainted with Rome and its sights. For example, a guided tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum with Viator will take you through some of ancient Rome’s most famous landmarks, including the Palatine Hill and Temple of Apollo Sosianus. 

Your guide will even show you how to get around on public transportation in Rome, so that if your group decides to go off on their own later in their trip, they’ll be familiar with what buses/metro stops are nearby.

Viator offers several types of tours; one option is walking tours which start from 59 euros per person (minimum 2 people).

5. Rome Guided Group Tours

These tours are a great way to see the city with a small group. They are perfect for families, groups, and solo travellers looking for an affordable option. 

Group tours allow you to explore Rome with a trained guide in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian or Portuguese! There are many different types of guided group tours available in Rome including:

  • Vatican City Tour – This tour will take you through St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel plus other treasures around Vatican City.
  • Colosseum Underground Tour – Travel back 2000 years to when gladiators battled lions before going down into the dark tunnels below Colosseum where animals were kept before being released into the arena for combat. You’ll learn about how these underground spaces were used during Roman times as well!

6. Eva’s Tourist Guides

Eva’s Tourist Guides is a family-run business established in 1982, offering a wide range of guided tours in Rome. They are members of the Association of Professional Guides of Italy and have been operating for over 30 years. 

You can book your tour online or by phone and it does not matter if you book for just one person or several people at once; they will find an itinerary that meets your needs. If you decide to go with them on a tour, they offer options such as:

  • An introductory tour which covers all the main sites within 5 hours
  • A full day tour which includes half day inside museums and a lunch break while sightseeing around Rome

7. Museum Passport

Museum Passport is another great option for guided tours. This company offers a comprehensive range of services and has guides available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. 

They can also customise your tour to fit your needs. For example, if you want a private tour just for adults or children only (or both), they’re happy to work with you on that! For those who want some guidance while exploring museums but don’t feel comfortable being led around by someone else, Museum Passport’s On Your Own Guided Tour might be the perfect solution. 

It gives visitors access to detailed maps and explanations of pieces in each museum so that they can use their own judgement about what’s worth seeing and what’s not worth seeing at each stop along the way—and who knows? You may find something cool when wandering around on your own!

8. Get Your Guide Rome Tours

Get Your Guide offers a wide selection of guided tours in Rome, including excursions to the Colosseum and Villa Borghese, as well as other popular tourist spots. 

They have over 200 tours in Rome and over 900 worldwide. Their tours are led by locals and include a local guide, transportation and entrance fees. They also offer exciting tours such as the Rome Colosseum night tour!

9. Rome Sites Tours

In addition to the Colosseum and Villa Borghese, Rome Sites Tours also offers guided tours of the Vatican, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and other popular landmarks. The company’s guides are knowledgeable about their respective areas of expertise as well as Italian history in general.

The tours run on a schedule that changes depending on season; however, you can book private tours that are customised to fit your preferences. There is also an option to purchase tickets online before arriving in Rome so that you don’t have any worries once there.

10. Attractions In Rome Tours

Attractions In Rome Tours is a company that specialises in customising guided tours of the city. 

Their tours include walking and bus tours, as well as family, group, and individual tours for all interests including food and wine, art, history, and culture. Key to their success is their attention to detail: they will work with you to create the perfect itinerary based on your interests and needs. 

They also provide private transportation from one location to another so that you can travel in comfort without having to worry about navigating public transit on your own (although they are happy to assist you if needed).


We hope you enjoyed this list of the best Villa Borghese and Colosseum Guided Tours in Rome through these tour companies!

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