The Best Tips To Relieve Computer Eye Strain

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We often blame the workload for our overuse of computer screens. But have you ever pondered over your routine on a day off? Most of yours must be to spend hours on Netflix and the rest of the time on your phone scrolling through Instagram. Do you think that this excessive use of screens is f=doing no harm to your eyes and overall health? If yes, than you are wrong. 

Eyes are probably the most sensitive external body parts of the humans. They need proper care, due love and a much-deserved rest. Unfortunately spending hours in front of a computer screen has become the need of the hour. While we cant avoid using them we make our eyes avoid bearing the brunt of the this new norm.‘

It is important to  regularly see an eye doctor. the doctor will look for any potential problems and will prescribe the best solution that will suit your condition the best. So book an appointment with the best eye specialist in Lahore through Marham Find a Doctor.

Computer eye strain is a condition when your eyes get tired of being on a computer or any other digital screen. This condition is marked by the following common symptoms:

  •       Eye fatigue and discomfort
  •       Dry eyes
  •       Headaches
  •       Blurred vision
  •       Red eyes
  •       Eye twitching
  •       Neck and shoulder pain

Computer Eye Strain Relief Tips

Your eyes are bound to take the strain of your continuous work in front of a computer but this strain can be drastically reduces but following some simple techniques can drastically lessen this strain

Use proper lighting

Using a computer screen in an even brighter room can cause your eyes more harm. Eye strain is caused by bright light coming from the back of you or your computer screen. The optimum lighting, to keep eye strain at bay should be half then what is used in many offices. 

To combat this try siting in a low lit area, or position your computer screens in a way that the window or other light sources at the side, not in front or back of the computer screen. 

Using indirect soft white light also helps a bundle. Sometimes using “full spectrum” fluorescent light is more comfortable than a regular fluorescent light. 

Use Better Quality Screen

If you think that the latest MacBook is expensive for no reason at all, you are wring. Better quality display take the load off of your eyes, reducing eye strain. If you stile use the cathode ray tube or CRT computers replace them with a flat-panel LED (light-emitting diode) screen with an anti-reflective surface. The poor quality screens cause a flicker of image which is one of the main causes of computer eye strain. 

Till you earn enough to buy yourself a good quality LED screen set your CRT computer to the highest possible refresh rate. 

Then while choosing an LED choose a screen with the highest possible resolution. Choose a display with a dot pitch of maximum 0.28 mm. Also, it is wise to choose a larger display, this way you wont have to focus much. 

Adjust Light. When watching TV, it may be easier on your eyes if you light the room a little.

When reading printed material or working carefully, try placing a light source behind you and directing the light at your page or work. If you’re reading at a desk, use a dim light in front of you. Shadows will prevent light from shining directly into your eyes.


Give rest. Take breaks from time to time while working more closely and rest your eyes by taking your eyes off the digital screen.

Limit your screen time. This is especially important for children who may not be aware of the connection between prolonged viewing, eye fatigue, and the need to rest their eyes regularly.

Use artificial tears. Over-the-counter artificial tears can help prevent and relieve dry eyes. Use them even when your eyes feel fine so they lubricate well and prevent symptoms from recurring.

Your doctor can suggest which eye drops are right for you. Preservative-free lubricant drops can be used as often as desired. If the drops you are using contain preservatives, do not use them more than four times a day. Do not use anti-redness eye drops, as they can worsen dry eye symptoms.

Improve the quality of your indoor air. Some changes that can help prevent dry eyes include using a humidifier, reducing airflow, and adjusting the thermostat to avoid smoke. If you smoke, consider quitting smoking. Moving your stool to a different location can help reduce the amount of dry air moving in your eyes and face.

Choose the glasses that suit you. If you need glasses or contact lenses and you use a computer, consider buying glasses or contact lenses specifically designed for computer use. Ask your eye doctor about lens coatings and shadows which can also help.

Wear Special Glasses

If you think that only people with a poor eye sight need glasses, you are wrong. Everybody should wear protective glasses while using screens for a long time. You can also convert your prescription glasses to computer ones. These glasses are a must for people wearing contact lenses, as there is a greater chance for such people to experience severe eye dryness. 

Always choose photochromic or lightly tinted lenses for your computer eye ware. This will reduce the eye exposure to potentially harmful lights emitted by the computer screen. 

Take Breaks 

To lessen the computer eye strain it is important to take frequent breaks form the computer screen. It will reduce your chances of getting a computer vision syndrome and shoulder, neck and back pain. You should take at least a ten minute break after every hour. 

Keep in mind that you are not to use your mobile phone screen in these breaks. Stand up, take a break, give your face and eyes a wash, stretch and come back. 

Do Some Exercise

As the computer vision syndrome is marked by the tiredness of eyes, neck, back and shoulder, it is important to do exercises that will relax all of them.

The 20-20-20 rule is the best way to relax your eyes. If you have been looking at your screen for 20 minutes, take a break for 20seconds and look at an object placed 20 feet away from you. 

For the neck, back and shoulders it is important to do the essential stretches’. Standing after every hour and stretching all these parts will help a bundle. 

Visit The Eye Specialist

Computer vision strain might not be the only problem causing a problem in your eyes.