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The Different Shades of Gold Earrings: Which is Right for You?

The Different Shades of Gold Earrings: Which is Right for You?

Mostly when people think of gold earrings, they imagine a yellow pair shining gloriously. However, it’s not always true. Gold comes in different shades, and each of them has a different grace. 

For instance, rose gold has a romantic vibe, while yellow gold gives a royal feel. 

In this blog, we are going to tell you all about such shades while also sharing secrets on how to select the right one. This will help you decide which option is the best when you are looking for an extensive range of gold earrings. Keep reading:

Different Shades of Gold Earrings

Here are some of the most common ones you can easily find in the market: 

  • Yellow Gold

Most popular and traditional, yellow gold earrings have been the first choice of jewellery lovers for centuries. It is made by combining pure gold with copper and silver. It is also the most natural colour of gold, and you’ll find people investing in yellow gold earrings more than any other shade. 

  • White Gold

Another common gold shade is white. It is made by mixing pure gold with other white metals like silver, palladium, etc. White gold is often selected for diamond earrings to get a high reflection of its colour into the diamonds. 

  • Rose Gold 

This pinkish gold is also getting quite popular, especially among lovers. Rose gold is made by combining pure gold with metals like copper and silver. Sometimes, the reddish hue overpowers the shade, but that is again dependent on the ratio of the metals used. 

  • Green Gold

Now, it’s time to move towards some unconventional and unique shades of gold. Green gold is made with a combination of pure gold, zinc, silver, and copper. The shade can vary from soft to deep green, depending on the number of materials used. 

  • Black Gold

Pretty interesting but not too common, black gold earrings can certainly grab the attention of people. It is made by combining pure gold with cobalt. Some jewellers also plate the pure gold with ruthenium or black rhodium via electroplating to get this shade. 

Three Factors to Consider While Opting for Different Shades of Gold Earrings

Choosing the right shade of gold earrings is not an easy task. You have to consider a lot of factors, such as your skin tone, occasion, and personal style. Following are some tips to help you make the right decision: 

  • Skin Tone

Your skin tone matters a lot when you choose the shade of your gold earrings. It is suggested that if you have warm undertones, then yellow gold is the perfect choice for your complexion. On the other hand, white or rose gold is more flattering on cooler undertones. 

Similarly, if you have fair skin, white and rose gold earrings are much more complementary. But if you have darker skin, go for yellow gold to get a striking look. 

  • Personal Style

You also need to think of your personal style before making any decision for the shade of gold earrings. For instance, if you are someone who loves classic and antique jewellery, we would suggest you to go for yellow gold. But if a modern or contemporary look is your choice, try buying rose gold or white gold earrings. 

In case you want to create a bold statement, then select unusual gold colours like blue or green shades. 

  •  Occasion

The type of event or occasion can also influence your choice of gold earrings. So, while yellow gold earrings are better suited for formal events, you should select rose gold drop earrings or white gold huggie hoops for a casual daytime look. 

The Takeaway

No matter which shade of gold earrings you select, what ultimately matters is whether it makes you feel beautiful or not. Focus on this feeling, and everything else will fall right into place.  

Nowadays, brands like Mia by Tanishq have launched exciting earrings collections where every shade is designed in a way that will complement your look irrespective of the skin tone or occasion. Visit their website to know more. 


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