MG pioneers the EV ecosystem in India, unveils India's First Pure Electric Internet SUV - the ZS EV

The ecosystem that powers India’s first Pure Electric Internet SUV

Adding more momentum to its push towards green mobility, MG Motor India is creating an end-to-end ecosystem for the ZS EV in association with leading global and local players in the sustainable energy domain. Here are its most essential components that highlight MG’s commitment to the Indian market:

 Delta Electronics: Delta Electronics India Private Limited is a group entity and a leading Power and Energy management company. Delta has R&D facilities worldwide and has won numerous international and domestic
awards. MG Motor India will install a 7.4 kW AC charger powered by Delta Electronics at the customer’s homes/offices. These AC fast chargers will take around 6 to 8 hours to power a full charge.
 Exicom Tele-Systems: Exicom has been an EV ecosystem enabler with the goal to accelerate the electrification of vehicles in India. It is the industry leader with a comprehensive product portfolio that caters to the needs of the
EV ecosystem with indigenous products."
 eChargeBays: eChargeBays is a start-up in the EV domain and has developed a robust, safe, one-stop solution for the home charging related needs of EV customers. It has a well-trained team of homeCharge specialists who carry out the installation process in the field in a flawless manner.
 Fortum Charge & Drive India: Fortum is the market leader in Europe and a frontrunner in the global e-mobility charging space. It has the largest network in Europe with 76000+ charging points across 200+ networks in 33+ countries. MG Motor India has partnered with Fortum Charge & Drive India
to install Super-Fast DC chargers (50 kW) at select MG showrooms in cities where the ZS EV will initially be sold. Through Super-Fast DC chargers (50kW), the ZS EV will reach 80% battery capacity within 50 minutes.
 MG Motor India will continue to partner with other infrastructure partners to increase the coverage of its charging ecosystem.

 The advanced NMC battery conforms to the highest safety standards and is imported from the SAIC-CATL JV giga-factory near Shanghai. Compliant with US UL2580 battery standards, it covers 8 super-critical safety tests and has an IP 67 dust and water-resistant rating.
 One of the largest such manufacturing facilities in the world, the SAIC-CATL Gigafactory currently supplies 300,000 EV battery packs and will eventually increase its annual capacity to 36GWh in sync with the growing demand for EVs.

 UAES (a subsidiary of Bosch): MG’s parent company, SAIC Motor, has partnered with UAES, a subsidiary of Bosch, for the power electronics solution that drives the ZS EV. Backed by its parent company’s world-leading
expertise in automotive technology, UAES has developed a power electronics solution that facilitates an amazing driving experience in a car that is reliable, trustworthy, and can adapt quickly to harsh & complex environments.
 Infineon Technologies AG: Germany-based Infineon Technologies AG is a global leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer, and greener. SAIC Motor has partnered with Infineon to produce the ZS EV’s
HybridPACK Drive automotive power module. SUSTAINABILITY
 To ensure that the ZS EV’s battery is re-used and disposed of responsibly, MG has tied up with two different companies.
 Exicom Tele-Systems: MG has partnered with Exicom for second-life use of ZS EV batteries in a wide range of non-automotive applications. Exicom plans to leverage their experience in the area of Li-ion batteries and grid connected devices to play an important role in building the circular economy.
 Umicore: Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group headquartered in Belgium. It holds a unique position in clean mobility solutions and is a leading supplier of active cathode materials for EV
batteries. It also offers recycling services for Lithium-Ion batteries with an installed capacity of 7000 metric tonnes equivalent of 40K EV batteries. With Umicore’s vision of clean mobility synergistic with MG’s, the partnership will
enable the safe recycling of end-of-life ZS EV batteries.
 These associations are aimed at exploring second-life applications for used EV batteries, as well as to ensure safe battery disposal.


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