” The Last Attractor of Chaos” by Abhinav Singh – Book Review

The Last Attractor of Chaos

A spy thriller with an unconventional take on afterlife and the nature of universe.

Shruti Rathore is a retired black opp.  agent of the R&AW who chooses to live a domestic life with her husband Ashwin  Rathore. She works behind the desk in the Intelligence Bureau at Mumbai, pushing paper and she is six months pregnant.  There is a dark past behind her, of which Ashwin isn’t aware about.

The grand scheme of the cosmos seems strange and extremely painful when Ashwin gets killed by a gun for hire, sent out to kill her. She also gets arrested by the Intelligence Bureau on the charges of stealing a strategic weapon and killing her associate, Mahesh Mehta.

But death is only a transition, Ashwin’s consciousness (soul), chooses to protect what he loves. The mysteries on Shruti get revealed onto him and her extraordinary intelligence and deviance.  His soul is caught between the dilemma of protecting his wife and choosing the right path.

In this fight, he gets help from a strange consciousness – Tantunam Anuha, who is a bridge between the realms of physical and metaphysical.  It is when he realizes that both he and his wife have been chosen by the all powerful rules of chaos to fulfill a higher and yet a devastating purpose.

About the Author

Abhinav Singh is a talented author, an active entrepreneur, a physics aficionado, and a versatile public speaker. Although writing has been a tedious process and consumed countless numbers of hours yet Abhinav has come up with his first masterpiece fiction novel to give a spine-chilling experience and a mesmerizing story to the readers. Before initiating the work on his novel, Abhinav was teaching physics for the higher education examinations showcasing his avid scholar skills. With a successful teaching career and expertise in the domain, he has a huge success ratio of his students entering some of the pristine engineering colleges of India.


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