The Pros and Cons of Solar Tiles

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Solar tiles and Solar shingles are among the most innovative types of roofing technologies of the 21’s century. 


Solar shingles are solar panels that are built to look like shingles. But one key difference is that they are placed on top of your roof system. 


On the other hand, Solar tiles are mostly like mini solar panels shaped into a tile and exist as the roof system. 


In short, Solar shingles rest on top of a roof, and solar tiles are fused into the ceiling.


Solar roofs give you the best out of both worlds. You get both protection and style from your roofing tiles and the solar panel’s energy savings. It essentially converts the entire roof into a solar panel!


Therefore, in this article, I’ll tell you all the pros and cons of solar panels. 


So, keep reading till the end to know all the necessary details, and decide whether you are ready for the installation




1. Energy Efficient


This is by far one of the most significant advantages of solar tile roofs and probably the most appealing for potential buyers. 


Solar roofs can indeed help to lower your electric bill by producing clean energy. The Solar shingles produce approximately 110 Watts per meter squared while the tiles produce around 70 watts per meter squared.


2. Eco-Friendly


Solar roofs are much more environmentally friendly than any other power source. But one thing that you need to know is that many heavy types of machinery can’t actually be run on solar power only. 


Hopefully, in the upcoming future, they will only run those machines from clean energy sources. 


3. Fire Resistance


Solar roof tiles and shingles are specially designed to meet the highest class specification for fire resistance, a Class A fire rating.


4. Impact Resistance


Solar roofs consist of a strong glass that is highly resistant against any strong impacts. Moreover, many solar companies even claim that solar tiles are 3x more substantial than other roofing materials.


5. Wind Resistance


The solar tiles indeed have a strong resistance to wind. These solar tiles can easily withstand wind speeds up to 130 mph. This certainly makes them a useful option for many places that experience high winds regularly.


6. Life Expectancy


The life expectancy of solar tiles is approximately 25 – 40 years. However, these are just predictions because this type of roof system is less than 10 years old. So, it’ll indeed be a matter of time to tell whether these solar tiles can stay in working conditions for the upcoming years. 


7. Infrangible

Solar Tiles are infrangible; it means they will not even break from being walked on. They will hold up strong and better than any other tile roof like slate, which can be brittle and easily break if stepped on.


8. Aesthetically Pleasing


Solar roof tiles are really good-looking, unlike those bulky solar panels so commonly used nowadays. The tiles are sleeker and blend in with the roof to give it a nice clean, modern look. 


9. Shape


Solar tiles come in a variety of different forms and shapes. They make the solar tiles look more similar to other roofing materials like:


  • Slate Tiles
  • Shake
  • Clay Tiles


These even come in various colors, so you are sure to find the right style that fits your home.


10. Versatile


Solar roofing tiles can be installed on both commercial and residential roofs. However, I believe it is more used in residential homes rather than commercial.


11. Phone Monitoring


Solar roof systems, especially those that the Tesla Company provides, can be linked with your phone by an application. This app allows all homeowners to track and monitor their roof’s energy savings.


12. UV Resistance


The solar roof tiles are manufactured with special glass that is entirely UV resistant. This protects the roof from harmful UV radiation and helps extend your roof system’s lifespan.




  1. Price


As with any new and leading technology, the cost of these solar roofs is higher than any other kind of roofing material. The price entirely depends on the company, but it might range from $1,100 to $2,600 per square.


  1. Testing


Solar roofs are still being tested and developed. This means they haven’t yet hit the mass market. The famous company Tesla is still taking pre-orders from only a select number of clients. 


This allows the company to refine the product and ensure it will be lasting the predicted lifespan. With that said, you might find other companies that provide solar tiles and don’t have a pre-order list.


  1. Installation

Solar tiles have a technical installation. It also requires specialists trained in both electrical and roofing work. It usually takes one client about 2 weeks to have his new roof installed by a group of 15 to 20 people. 


That is significantly more than typical roof installation that usually takes a few days. I’m sure, as this technology catches on and progresses, more people will get trained. Therefore, the installation time will indeed get reduced.


  1. Repairs

If the installation is a technical procedure, you can imagine that any repairs needed will also be technical. It may also involve special ordering of specific pieces or may need to have a technical specialist from the manufacturer pay a visit to your home to make the repair. 


  1. Return on Investment


Solar roof tiles and shingles indeed have a costly upfront cost. It’s estimated that it might take at least 15 years to get your return on the investment from your energy savings. That is approximately half of the life expectancy of your roof system. 


The standard solar panels have an excellent return on investment. This is because it typically takes around 5 years to make your money back. Moreover, as this technological progress, the return on investment will become even better.


  1. Reinstallation


Another disadvantage of these solar tile roofs is that if you ever decide to move or shift out of your house, you simply can’t take the solar tiles can with you. Solar panels are very different because they can be easily removed and taken with you to the next house you have shifted to.


Are Solar Tiles The Right Choice for you?


Solar tile roofs are indeed the perfect choice, especially for those who are the early innovators of technology. 


Those who want to help and lead the entire world to a better way of living. Moreover, if you have the proper budget for installing solar tiles and you don’t mind potential waitlists, I would surely recommend solar tiles for you. 


However, if you feel that solar tiles or shingles are not the best options for you and it doesn’t fit your specific needs, then there are several other alternative options you could choose from.


I hope this article will help you to know all the pros and cons regarding solar tiles!