The Role of Dedicated Servers in Ensuring Businesses and Individuals can Work Safely

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Online security and how you can protect your businesses are an important part of how companies look to Safeguard their interests. If you think that only businesses and companies operating online are vulnerable to such attacks, then this is not true. The users of social media, especially those using video-sharing apps like TikTok and other messaging and entertainment apps like Snapchat, are at a greater risk. There have been instances where TikTok users and YouTubers have been targeted recently. 

TikTokers and YouTubers earn millions of dollars, and you will be astonished to know that even children under the age of 10 earn that sum. Ryan Kaji had over 29 million dollars last year yet to turn 10! With over 47 billion views of their videos, with one of them getting over 2 billion views up till now, you can imagine the influence of this kid and hundreds and thousands of other YouTubers. It is no wonder why hackers and people creating viruses and bots want to get access to their accounts, steal their money and identity. 

So, how can the accounts and identities of most famous YouTubers be at risk? And what are the factors that can make all of us vulnerable in this concern? Let me figure out the answers to these questions in the following paragraphs.

Youtubers are also Vulnerable to Online Hacking

There are several ways in which their security is also at risk as they have millions of fans, and hackers and people with malicious intentions can easily disguise them. YouTubers are also at the risk of getting their account hacked, and the same is true for their millions of fans. YouTube influencers need to be wary that they are at risk as their identities can easily be stolen. 

One way of doing this is they get emails from people who con them to a fake Google page with login. 

You may think that this might happen in just one of the biggest cities in the US, like New York or Los Angeles, but there are other big cities where YouTubers and other people doing online business are also targeted. For example, there have been many cases reported in Miami, Florida, although it is not the capital city or the biggest city by population. But it is an important business hub, and many people from the city are targeted, with YouTubers losing a considerable amount in the last few years.

Are YouTubers Easy Target?


To be honest, they are as much vulnerable as any other business or people using the internet, whether through websites or social media platforms. But as I have discussed above, Youtubers with a large subscriber base, especially the influences, attract people from every walk of life. And that’s where hackers and people with malicious intentions also think of them as good prey to their wicked intentions. 

Apart from the influences, email lists can be used to get in touch with their subscribers, and phishing schemes can easily be used. People are redirected to a fake Google login page. Once they provide their credentials in the form of a user id and password, the account can be compromised. Hackers often target YouTube accounts to get profile passwords and then change the owner. For a person having just a few thousand subscribers, this can be a big loss. 

Getting access to your YouTube account, a person may get access to some other accounts, too, like your email or information about the service on which your business is hosted. This scenario can be critical even for small businesses and startups. Let me define this aspect in a bit more detail.

Safeguarding your Business’s Servers

Websites are hosted on servers, and their security is of paramount importance. All your customers’ data and information can be compromised if anyone can get access to your servers. This can happen in several ways as hackers are always on the lookout to try to penetrate through your firewalls, antiviruses, and any other software/tool that you are using. And sometimes they succeed because there may be a loophole in your defense that you may not know, and you will learn this the hard way. 

The primary purpose of any server is to store your files and data. And that is true for every business, but with the nature and scope of them, the requirement of a server to work well for any company changes dramatically. For example, suppose you are running a small business catering a few hundred clients in a small city. In that case, you do not need much in terms of servers, and your requirements will be average. But suppose you are working in a Fortune 500 company or a big multinational conglomerate. In that case, dedicated servers are required and also in big numbers. 

The requirement of big businesses makes them also vulnerable to several types of hacking, as more servers and huge websites mean safeguarding your websites becomes a nightmare. Now you can understand why I emphasized protecting the servers as many companies suffer due to even slight negligence in this regard. 

Dedicated Servers


Never think of using a substandard or cheap solution to save some money. In the long term, the cost can increase manifold with more issues arising from such solutions. And if any part of your server or website can be compromised or report facebook hack in the worst case, things can be very difficult to reverse back. And for big businesses, the damage can be colossal and can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Businesses working in the city and opting for premium Miami dedicated servers can be better off. There can be several ways in which Youtubers and companies running their businesses online can make things easier. And using a dedicated server gives you wings to fly to have a taut solution backing you up. 

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