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The Top 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

The Top 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Nothing gives you more vitality with freedom than hitting the road with your motorcycle. Yet, it is much riskier than traveling by car. The reason is that statistics show that motorcycle fatalities are higher than vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway. 

Transportation Safety Administration. The reason is riding a bike; you need different skills. So, with this in mind, Deadbeat Customs has five safety tips to help you travel safely on the road with your motorcycle. 

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course 

When driving a bike and a car, there is a vast difference. For this reason, we recommend you get education and training on how to ride your motorcycle. Even if you have a license, taking a motorcycle safety course remains a good idea. 

You will learn new skills helping to sharpen your existing ones. Some courses a Motorcycle Safety Foundation presents are riding in groups or alone on trails. In addition, you get bike-learning sessions and online courses providing a practical and theoretical approach to honing your riding habits. 

Equip Yourself With Safety Motorcycle Gear

The open road with your bike is a thrilling experience, but you’re more exposed to the elements and other potential spills. Hence, you must equip yourself with the right motorcycle gear to protect yourself. 

While some states do not require a helmet, we recommend wearing one to protect your head with a visor for eye protection. Then remember your leather boots and jacket that help protect you if you fall with your bike. Finally, when going on longer rides, carry some rain protection gear. 

Always Inspects Your Bike Before Riding

When rolling on the highway with your bike, you want to feel safe and know your bike is in tip-top shape. You do not want a mechanical failure while riding as it can lead to severe accidents. Your bike needs to be road worthy. 

So, inspect your bike well before you take on any ride. Do your pre-ride inspection to confirm if the turn signals, headlamps, and brake lights work. Deadbeat Customs recommend following the T CLOCS inspection from MSF. So, check the tires, controls, lights, oil, chassis, and stand. Check for cuts to bulges on tires that can lead to potential accidents. Maintain the correct fluid levels to keep the motorcycle engine in top condition. 

Never Disobey Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are there for a reason for motorcyclists to obey, from stop lights and speed limits to traffic lights. Know the traffic rules specifically designed for bike riders. Following traffic rules will help increase your exposure as a rider on your motorcycle to keep you safe. 

Remain Observant and Visible

One major cause of bike collisions is when a car or truck driver cannot see you on the road. So, take some precautions to ensure you’re always visible on the road. 

Your pre-ride inspection confirms that your turn signals, headlamps, and brake lights work for other motorists to see you. Wear visible clothing during the day and reflective material at night. 

Always keep a safe braking distance with controllable speed when maneuvering through blind spots or near cars. 

Final Thoughts

These are some critical motorcycle safety tips for new riders to keep them safe. Still, another considerable benefit, whether you’re a novice or experienced rider, it helps to take extra care getting yourself the right motorcycle gear and insurance when traveling on your motorcycle. Safe riding!


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