These experiences are best for city tours in Dubai


Dubai is one of the most toured cities of the world, ranking 4th after Bangkok, Paris, and London. Everyone wishes to visit Dubai once in their life to explore the world biggest building Burj Khalifa, Safari Park, Desert Safari, and many more other spots.

Moreover, you can enjoy shopping malls, swimming water parks, beaches, and many other attractions of Dubai. Some of them might cost you an arm or leg, but some of them aren’t expensive at all.

Dubai has visitors from all around the world, people from well stablished countries wishes to visit this city to explore as much as they can.

In this blog, we’ll guide you about the best experience of Dubai city tour, so you can be sure about everything.

Let’s dive into the next phase of our blog without further a do.

Burj Khalifa

As we all are acquainted with Burj Khalifa and the world records accomplish by this building. The building is the world tallest building, it’s 3x of Effel tower. Burj Khalifa is 828 meters long, you’ll need to bend your neck to see the top from the ground.

The Burj Khalifa has strict policies about timings and other stuff because they don’t want any mishaps. You can’t bring your own food inside the building. The package prices may depend on the timing. The night package might be a little expensive.

The breakfast will take place on 124, 125, however, floor 125 opens at 8:30 AM, so if you wish to wait, you can. Burj Khalifa has the fastest and longest elevator in the world, so it would just minutes to take you to your desired floor.

You will have breakfast on floor 124 and enjoy the sightseeing from this floor. It looks splendid. Also, there is a 24k gold plated coffee available at this floor, which can cost you an arm or leg. The coffee super delicious in taste, also the food items, too.

You can also purchase a ticket of floor 148, sitting there will give you 360 views of whole Dubai, it is known a Sky lounge.  However, if you are scared of heights, don’t risk it.

Dubai Desert Safari

Do you have enough leisure to enjoy scorching heat of sun with many activities? If you do, then Dubai Desert Safari is one of the best city tours of Dubai.

You would abet the 4×4 land cruiser driving you towards this exciting excursion. There are couple of packages available in Dubai Desert Safari, let’s hear them.

Morning Desert Safari

The sunrise deserves a click in the Morning Desert Safari, it’s the most picturesque thing, you can save in your mobile device. There are several activities such as sandboarding, quad-bike riding, 4×4 Land Cruiser, and much more things to enjoy. Sandboarding is similar like snowboarding, but different terrain.

Also, make sure to fill up your backs with refreshment for emergency purposes.

Evening Desert Safari

Camel riding, hot air balloon, and capturing the sunset give you wholesome feeling. You can ride camel on its back and feel his legs digging into the sand. Moreover, don’t miss out the delicious barbeque and free sheesha at the camps.

Evening Desert Safari feels like an adrenaline rush for most of the newcomers.

Overnight Desert Safari

Feel the cold air in the overnight Desert Safari and enjoy the sizzling atmosphere. Enjoy the amusing belly dance from a performer and other firing activities. You’ll be offered camps to spend your night while counting the stars in the sky.

Furthermore, you can also taste the delicious breakfast early in the morning. For me, this one is one of the best packages of Dubai Desert.

Dubai Safari Park

Do you have kids? Do you have enough leisure to spend this weekend at Dubai Safari Park? If you do, then your grab passes and enter this exquisite Safari Park in Dubai. The Dubai Safari Park has villages with species.

African Village

Do you love seeing African Animals on Discovery channel? If yes, you would admire by visiting this village, which contain a true sense of African forest with animals such as mammals, white lion, peacock, Gorilla, Bongo, etc.

Arabian Desert Safari

The Arabian Peninsula is an adventurous journey. It contains species such as Arabian species, a wild animals. By visiting this village, you feel an Arabian history culture and much more.

Asian Village

Most of the people in Dubai are from Asia, if you are one of them, you can recall Asian fantasy here. You can be spectator of Moon Bear, Gibbon, Mandarin Duck, Komodo Elephant, and Indian Elephant.

Explorer Village

In Explorer Village, you can take a whole tour of the Safari Park in a bus and enjoy watching the animals such as Giraffe, tigers, and lions.

Dubai Deepest Pool

This makes city tour of Dubai more splendid. It is a record-breaking pool, 60m deeper, and 4x larger than any pool and can compromise 6 Olympic pools. There is 14-million liters of water maintained at 30 degrees.

There are 56 underwater cameras, so you don’t have to worry about your safety. There are professional drivers and staff.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water park is located in Dubai, UAE since 1998. Furthermore, it’s near the Jumeriah right after Burj Al Arab. You can enjoy the amusing water slides at Wild Wadi such as Ring Rides, Tantrum Alley & Burj Surj, FlowRider, and Breakers Bay.

The good thing about this water park is the price of the tickets are based on the height of an individual.

Dubai shopping malls

Do you love shopping? Then Dubai shopping malls would be a great place enjoy, do window shopping, and get yourself something to eat in the food corners. Following are the names of Dubai shopping malls.

  1. Dubai Mall.
  2. City of Emirates.
  3. City Walk.
  4. Mercato Mall.

There are more, but we have mentioned the top four in Dubai.

Final Words

Dubai city tour is a great way to spend your weekends, if you have leisure and want the best out of it, do visit the following places we’ve mentioned above. The places aren’t expensive. All the places are highly-rated in Dubai.