These Important Factors Make the Best Adoption Profile

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When the parents are going through adopting a child in Georgia, many necessary steps have to be focused on. For the birth parents, giving away the child either voluntarily or obligatory is very difficult. But certain things can make the whole process easy.

Adoptive Parents Profile

Selecting the best adoptive family is challenging because there are so many families who want to adopt a child. For the procedure to proceed fast, the adoptive families make books or journals to glimpse their lives. These families put in various sources like photographs, links to their social media, videos, and written documents for the birth mother to go through their lifestyle.

Factors that Make the Best Adoption Profile

Many adoption attorneys, like Tom Tebeau, have recommended making attractive profiles and focus on the following sections to satisfy the birth parents:

1-     Photos

The photographs in the profile must be of good quality but beware that these should not be edited to look attractive. Many families try to deceive the birth parents by showing polished pictures. The photos must be authentic, and they should be of the family and house the child will be living in.

2-     Life Story

The pictures in the family profile tell a lot about the members; however, the written material still has its significance. The adoptive family has to share the important events with the birth parents. A general account of the lives of the family members must be mentioned so that the birth parents can decide what is best for their child’s future.

3-   Reference of a Good Adoption Attorney

There are many adoption agencies and lawyers in Georgia, but not all are eligible. Thus, you must always choose a capable adoption attorney who has the skills and knowledge to complete the adoption successfully. The reference to such an adoption lawyer will boost the bar of the potential adoptive family.

4-     Reason of the Adoption

There are various reasons for both parents for child adoption. For the adoptive parents’ infertility as they can not bear their biological children. On the other hand, couples want to have a second child, but they cannot due to medical reasons. Sometimes they just want to help parents who can not afford to raise a kid. Whatever your reason is, you must specify it clearly in your profile.


Benefits of the Parents Profile

The profile not only benefits the adoptive parents but also makes it easy for the birth parents and especially the mother to decide which family to give the child to. However, the adoptive parent must ensure they provide authentic information in their profiles as it will be cross-checked for security. Both the adoptive and birth parents can benefit from the family profile for adopting a child in Georgia in the following ways:

1-     Saves the Birthmother time

The birth mothers have a lot of biographies and profiles to go through. Visiting all of them is fundamental, but there is no time for the parents to go and call upon all of them. But viewing the profiles save time as the mothers can go through them at once and shortlist the ones she is interested in meeting.

2-     Shows the Capabilities of the Prospect Parents

To gain the trust of the birth parents and particularly the mother, the adoptive parents have to show that they can raise the child as their own. The profile helps to demonstrate their ability to bring up the child without any financial problems or having severe issues otherwise.

3-   Fastens the Process of Adopting a Child in Georgia

The profile provides a thorough and detailed description of all of the members of the adoptive family. Sometimes, the families also post their profiles on various websites and social media platforms so that whoever wants to view them can easily gain access. This way, the adoption process can be accomplished promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-     Can birth mothers name the baby?

Yes, you can name your child, and you will also receive a birth certificate showing your name as the child’s birth mother and the child’s name. However, this will change once the adoption is finalized, but you will get an original birth certificate if you like.

2-     What is a home study?

A home study is a sequence of meetings with a social worker to give more in-depth information about adoption and assist in preparing an applicant for raising an adopted child. The home study process varies from agency to agency. Some agencies administer individual and joint interviews with both members of a couple. At the same time, others conduct group home studies with several families at one time. Applicants have to provide detailed information about themselves and their life experiences in a home study.


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