TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring – All Legal Aspects Discussed

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We believe that the employee monitoring app should be an all-rounder. A perfect Android monitoring app should be the one that can ensure to produce the highest productivity rate. 

From data security to transparency of employee work hours, all should be available to the company in just a single click. With remote employee monitoring software installed in the company-owned mobile phones, an employer can easily track the overall work environment along with individual performances.

Out of so many mobile spy apps available in the market today, we have selected TheWiSpy Employee monitoring app to discuss in this article. Companies today are moving towards a hybrid work environment, which is a great option considering the pandemic at hand. But it can also make it difficult for the upper management to keep track of their employee work efficiency. An investment in a good Android monitoring app helps to maintain that balance.

This article will lead you to all the legal employee tracking methods a company should expect. The list is shared below;

  1. Social media monitoring
  2. Web browsing history tracking
  3. Call recording and call history monitoring
  4. Hack phone contacts
  5. Monitor saved photos
  6. Spy microphone surroundings
  7. App monitoring
  8. Spy text messages
  9. Video recording
  10. Voice message recording
  11. Wi-Fi log
  12. Spy camera
  13. Remote access to target phone
  14. 24/7 instant alerts
  15. GPS location

Let’s begin discussing some features of TheWiSpy app in that regard.

Social Media Monitoring:

Social media apps including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram may be useful for the social media managers and their team. On the contrary, a marketing or admin person spending a large amount of time on such apps can be a tip-off for the employer. Remote employee monitoring software helps to identify such patterns in the company and TheWiSpy app is great for this purpose.

Web Browsing History Tracking:

According to IDC Research, 30 to 40 percent of employees do leisure internet activity during work hours. Therefore, company managers should be aware of what their employee is surfing throughout the entire day. For example, if a person is busy with E-shopping during work hours, it is not beneficial to the company in any way. Mobile spy apps provide this solution to companies by giving them the option of checking complete web browsing history with timestamps.

Call Recording and Call History Monitoring:

TheWiSpy app allows you to record calls and check call history on the target mobile phone. This comes in handy when you feel that your employee is doing suspicious activities and violating company policies. Or, in another scenario, you want to make sure your workforce is going along with the company script. Employee monitoring app helps track the call history to view call logs with date, time and duration.

Hack Phone Contacts:

Being an employer, you may be concerned about the secrecy of your work. If your employee is in touch with your rival company, it can be easily pointed out by accessing their saved phone contacts. You can go through their contact list information to view contact details like name, number and email address.

Monitor Saved Photos:

Remote employee monitoring software helps you navigate through the pictures taken and saved on the company-owned mobile phones. In addition, TheWiSpy helps to hunt down any possible document leaking threat.

Spy Microphone Surroundings:

Companies today are working hard on people management skills—Discovering new ways to keep the work environment healthy and clean from any toxicity. TheWiSpy app gives a good chance of hearing what employees are talking about behind closed doors. For example, one team member may falsely accuse another one of misbehaviour. It will be easy for you to keep an eye on such allegations if you can record the surrounding voices of a work phone.

App Monitoring:

When employees know that they are on the watch during work hours, they are more focused and dedicated to assigned tasks. You can monitor any particular application usage easily with the Android monitoring app. TheWiSpy takes the lead in such mobile spy apps, which allows you to monitor frequently used apps in target mobile devices.

Spy Text Messages:

It is important to keep company’s legal and confidential information from slipping into the wrong hands, like quotations or other sensitive information. To deal with black sheep in a company, you may need to constantly monitor the text messages sent and received on company-owned mobile phones. With TheWiSpy you can remotely access and read text messages, MMS and even deleted conversations effortlessly.

Video Recording:

Employees often waste their precious time watching useless videos and movies on their work mobiles during work hours. Now it is possible to record and view all the sent and received videos on target mobile with TheWiSpy app.

Voice Message Recording:

Advancement in technology is paving new ways of communication. Just a few years back, to send a voice note to any fellow being was considered impossible. But now it can be done with just a single tap. Just hold the button in Whatsapp, IMO, Viber apps! Sometimes it is important to record such voice messages by a company to track work-related tasks with certain deadlines. In addition, such voice conversations may lead to security and reputation risks to a company as well. TheWiSpy offers you to record and listen to the voice messages on the target mobile.

Wi-Fi Log:

Connecting to an open or public network can reveal private company data, which can cause serious damage in return. Get to know all the Wi-Fi networks with which your company-bound mobile phone was connected and for how long it stayed connected. Through TheWiSpy app, you can also check the most recent and frequently visited places with the help of Wi-Fi logs.

Spy Camera:

Just as surrounding sound recording is beneficial to the company, company-owned Android phone cameras also come in handy. TheWiSpy app lets you access both cameras of the target device and enables you to take screenshots. For example, sometimes, employees lie about their reason for not coming to work. Through TheWiSpy app, you can check the authenticity.

Remote Access to Target Phone:

All the features provided by TheWiSpy app are remotely accessed. This is something that many spy apps lack. It is easily manageable, unlike other complex apps available in the market. You don’t need to get a hold of a target device to monitor it. While using TheWiSpy app, you are in control of a company-owned device. You can remotely block any unwanted and harmful apps on the phone or turn off the device itself.

24/7 Instant Alerts:

You may face deceiving employees who can cheat by using work phones as their personal property. TheWiSpy app sends you instant alerts regarding change of location or sim card. You can also specify certain word alerts. This feature sends an instant notification if that word is used.

GPS Location:

Geo-fencing is a very smart and attractive feature of The WiSpy app. You can locate the target phone easily through this feature. Similarly, it shows the live location as well as the location history in the Google Map. This aids in calculating the entry and exit time from the office building. The real-time monitoring of employee movement is vital in delivery-based businesses.

The Bottom Line:

In a survey done by HBR, 182 senior managers were asked about productivity hurdles. 71% of them agreed that meetings are mostly fruitless. So, to check what’s going on in your company meetings, you need to be vigilant and keep a close eye on your employee’s well-being by checking overall productivity.

Entrepreneur, businessman, executive, manager or team leader, TheWiSpy employee monitoring app benefits everyone.

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