This Summer: Day Journey to South Haven, Michigan

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If you’re in Kalamazoo this summer on business or vacation, or perhaps a good combination of the two, we recommend taking the time to travel to South Haven, Michigan for the day. South Haven, Michigan, is a great place to visit and is only a short drive from our bed and breakfast in the heart of Kalamazoo.

While Kalamazoo is ideal for shopping, consuming craft beer, seeing the neighbourhood museums, and taking in city life, South Haven is a quaint beach town that offers a day of lakeside enjoyment. South Haven, Michigan offers a variety of activities besides just the beach, including shopping, vineyards, and more.

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Let’s check out Top Things to Do in South Haven Mi

In less than an hour, after loading up the car and driving west, you’ll be enjoying South Haven, Michigan’s exciting attractions and the sunshine. Or, if you’re truly looking for an adventure, get on your bike and ride the recently extended 33.5-mile Kal Haven Trail to South Haven. Prepare yourself for unspoilt beauty on the shores of Lake Michigan and lots of lovely old-fashioned fun, regardless of how you choose to get there.

Although the harbour and lighthouse in South Haven are likely its most famous features, there are many other things to do in South Haven, Michigan, outside seeing the lighthouse. The beaches here along Lake Michigan are excellent, and the area is also terrific for dining out, shopping, sailing, and kayaking. To help you plan your next day trip to this quaint coastal hamlet, we’ve put up a list of our favourite things to do in South Haven below.

The South Haven Light is at the top of our list of things to do in South Haven for a reason. It is unmistakable and is visible from anywhere in town.

One of the best things to do in South Haven is to spend a day at the beach, which is also why so many of our visitors adore coming here. Although there are 10 public beaches in the city, North and South Beach are our favorites.

Explore the surroundings on a paddleboard or kayak that you can rent at the beach. One of the best summertime activities in South Haven, Michigan is exploring the 91 miles of water trails that are available there!

Visit South Haven’s lively marina and the Black River while strolling along the Maritime District Harborwalk.

It’s not surprising that one of the best things to do in South Haven, Michigan, is to sample the local wineries and craft breweries as the area’s environment is ideal for growing apples, hops, and grapes.

One of our favourite things to do in South Haven, Michigan is to stroll through the gorgeous boutique stores and cobblestone streets downtown.

You may still explore section of the Kal Haven Trail and see the old covered wooden bridge there even if you didn’t bring your bike from Kalamazoo.

Hike on one of the many trails or parks in the area, such Van Buren State Park. More than 48 miles of hiking and bike trails may be found in the vicinity. After all, South Haven is a Pure Michigan Trails Town.

Spend a day fishing on Lake Michigan with a fishing charter and catch plenty of trout, bass, pike, and other fish. The Black River offers fantastic pier fishing as well.

Visit a museum in South Haven, such as the Bailey Museum and Gardens or the Michigan Maritime Museum.

Don’t miss the National Blueberry Festival if you go in August. It’s the busiest time of the year in South Haven, Michigan, and one of our favourite things to do there! In the summer, take advantage of the u-pick opportunities at nearby farms like DeGrandchamp Farms, and don’t forget to visit their cranberry bog in the fall.

Avoid missing the South Haven Farmers Market if you can’t visit nearby farms. Every Saturday until October, it takes place.

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Just why Go to South Haven?

Michigan is endowed with what seems like an unlimited number of shorelines, beach towns, and vacation spots because it is flanked by many Great Lakes. So why do families and couples choose to spend their vacations in South Haven, Michigan?

The Excellent Location of South Haven

With a commute of just under three hours, South Haven is a convenient getaway for people travelling from Chicago.

It will take less than an hour to drive from Kalamazoo to the beach for visitors. Families from the greater Kalamazoo area frequently visit South Haven for beach days due to its close proximity to Kalamazoo.

Charm of a Small Town

Small town South Haven has a lot of personality. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well as during a robust fall season, the city expands as more people visit the streets, stores, and restaurants.

When compared to its neighbours Saugatuck and St. Joseph, South Haven has a different vibe. Take the time, if you can, to visit all three locations and learn what makes each Lake Michigan beach town distinct.

Off-season tourists will discover a more relaxed town that is enjoyable to explore and easy to get around in.

The year-round population in comparison to nearby Michigan coastal towns is as follows:

Unique Activities & things to do in South Haven Mi this weekend, If you go in the summer, you can play on the sand by Lake Michigan, go shopping in the harbour, and see pirates on tall ships.

In fact, our family crosses South Haven off of their bucket list every year by going there in the summer.

We enjoy sailing like pirates to catch scoundrels. We appreciate being able to walk to the beach, restaurants, and shops from the museum.

Pick blueberries while they are in season and take in the National Blueberry Festival.

Traveling in South Haven

South Haven’s downtown is delightfully walkable. There is no public transit outside of the city centre, therefore trips outside will require a vehicle.

In South Haven, bicycles are an additional option. The trailhead for Kal-Haven State Park is in South Haven, and several of the streets there have bike lanes.

Visit both sides of the Black River in South Haven to get the whole South Haven experience.