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Tips on How to be the Prettiest for the Prom


There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a prom dress, including your body type, your style, and the mood of the prom itself. Read on for advice on picking the ideal white prom dress for your figure. You should search for a prom dress that draws attention to your waist and skims over your hips if you have a pear shape. A mermaid-style dress, with its fitted bodice and flared skirt, is a fantastic choice. Wear a tight dress with a sweetheart neckline to emphasise your hourglass shape. Choose a dress with a high-low or shorter hemline if you have a tiny frame. Pick a dress that fits well and makes you feel good about your curves if you are a plus-size lady. Dresses in an A-line or empire silhouette look great on everyone. There is a prom dress out there that will look amazing on you, no matter your body shape.

Think About Your Skin Tone

Everyone can wear white, but finding the appropriate shade to complement your skin tone is key to making your style shine. You may be using the incorrect tone of white if it brings out the yellow, grey, or dullness in your complexion.

Combine the Material with the Occasion or the Environment

A wide variety of fabrics can be found in white prom gowns. A white, flowy maxi dress would be perfect for prom since it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Wear Underwear That Matches Your Skin Tone

Pick out a basic bra and underwear with no extra frills like lace or beads. Find as many ways as possible to blend the colour with your skin. Don’t mix and match colours, especially white. You can see the underlying colours, patterns, and textures if you lift the garment. Choose a dress with a V-neck so you can easily match your accessories.

Pick Up a Petticoat to Wear Beneath the Dress

Now reach into the dress and grab hold. You’ll need to wear a white petticoat under the dress if it shows. Pick a basic petticoat that falls a few centimetres (or inches) short of the dress. A see-through dress will reveal too much skin even if you plan to wear skin-coloured underwear. Invest in a petticoat if you want your prom dress to seem more polished.

Accessorise with the Proper Footwear

Use large, vibrant strokes of colour. A white prom dress is a blank slate on which you may paint any colour you choose. You can’t go wrong with a pair of red shoes; a wide belt, some lipstick, or a red purse will round off your look perfectly. Emerald green is a great alternative to red if you’re not a fan of the hue. A cool blue is another choice if you’re not trying for a nautical look.

  • To add glitz, experiment with metallic tones. A white prom dress will look stunning with silver or gold shoes. Strappy sandals are perfect for a night out on the town. Make a statement by wearing edgy footwear, like boots, during the day. You may also experiment with metallic tones, including copper, bronze, or pearl.
  • You should try on some heeled, strappy sandals. Wear them with a floor-length maxi dress or a knee-length mini. Try a metallic colour like silver or gold for a sophisticated evening look. Leather gladiator sandals are another option for achieving a boho vibe with your ensemble. They blend well with the flowy tunic dresses that are in style right now.
  • Choose a neutral colour like brown or leather. Leather and white make a stunning colour scheme. Wear it with a free-flowing dress to achieve a boho look that’s excellent for the warm weather. Try brown or beige suede studs if you’re going for a more traditional appearance on prom night.
  • White gowns look stunning with a splash of red. Accessorise with a red lippie and a red purse to finish the look. Swap off the traditional red for emerald green if that’s more to your taste. You could also go with a cool blue, but unless you’re looking for a nautical look, you may want to stay away from stripes.

In Conclusion

Any lady may wear white to prom, but there are a few techniques to pulling it off without seeming like she’s about to be married. Because the wrong shade of white can make your complexion seem drab or yellow. However, there is more to wearing white prom gowns than just picking the right shade; you also need to consider what you’ll wear underneath and over it.

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