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Tips To Save Your Thesis From Rejection

Tips To Save Your Thesis From Rejection

One year prior to entering the professional world, life gives you stress management lessons in form of FYP and dissertations. Scoring exceptionally in each course, along with meeting the final year project’s deadline is undoubtedly a pain in the neck. In between all the trials and tribulations, writing a perfect thesis feels like you’ve got your work cut out for you.

The challenging phase becomes a rocky road for working students. Managing all the academic stress along with the boss’s lecture is a heroic move, which most of us fail to make. As a result, either the productivity level faces a fall or the thesis gets rejected.

Dear students, we apologize for not having the cure for your professional life headache. But you can always count on us for thesis help. Have a look at some useful writing tips mentioned below, and decrease the chance of your work rejections.

Gaffe Made In Writing a Thesis

The question, of whether our work will get accepted or rejected, plays well with our mental peace. The most common mistake students make is wasting a whole semester and cutting corners in the last few days. This is the time when we make errors and unfixable blunders. As you are here, you must be a last-year student, looking forward to your bright future. To make sure, you do not spend one more year in the university, avoid the following gaffe while writing a thesis.

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The Selection of the Topic:

The basic thing to start this project is the selection of the topic. Depending on the type of research (qualitative/ quantitative/ mixed), students selects a topic to research further. The crux of the matter is selecting the wrong ones.

Here is an example: which can jump higher, the dog flea or the cat flea? How much content do you think, you will get to support the above argumentative sentence? Since the internet is a vast library, you will surely get some information. But if your research is primary, getting firsthand knowledge can put your project for the sake of God. If you are conducting secondary research, finding the appropriate data can also be an added stress.

When you like a topic, think of the ways you can find its information. If the research process seems difficult, drop it and proceed to find a new one.

Plagiarized Content:

For producing a brilliant piece of work, we scrutinize multiple published articles and previous research. We copy the content and paste it into our document. Sometimes we write the concept in our own words and sometimes we do not change the points.

This negligence produces plagiarized content, which is highly prohibited when it comes to dissertations. It gives the idea that you have stolen someone else’s work and efforts. You have to be very cautious while submitting the thesis. Make sure all the information is written in your own words. Do check your final report on a reputable plagiarism checker and correct your work accordingly.

Not Enough Research:

A dissertation takes place to give recommendations for the future. A phenomenon is thoroughly investigated. Full systematic exploration is conducted to support the statement or argument. In 100-300 pages, the person gives the introduction, literature review, methodology, calculation and discussion, and results of a subject matter.

The 5 chapters require an interrogative investigation. Why does a particular subject need to be studied? What is the problem, the research gap, and lacking in the previous research? How accurate is the present analysis? And how relevant are the future recommendations? All the answers need to be supported by authentic sources.

One of the blunders, students make, is not answering each question with an authentic source. Their information is vague and unclear, which is why they experience difficult and tough times.

In such situations, thesis writing services are very helpful, because they have vast knowledge and know how to handle each question.


Reaching the final year of academic life is true happiness. We are finally going to get a reputable degree, going to apply for jobs, and enter the earning phase. But in the excitement of our final year, we forget that this is the most crucial phase of our life. We focus on having fun and spending the most memorable time with our friends.

Studies become secondary and having fun becomes the primary concern for most of us. This attitude affects our thesis writing badly. We often waste half of our time, leaving all our tasks for “tomorrow” and that tomorrow never comes.

Sometimes a sudden wave of energy hits us and we complete the whole chapter in one night. The other times we take a whole month to finish the other chapter of the dissertation. This continuous pattern of being disorganized highly affects one’s credibility.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

The use of singular words like he, she, her, etc. cannot be applied to a dissertation because the research is always plural. The researcher should always use full forms of words. Writing “e.g.” for “example” and “i.e.” for “that is” is a common mistake, most writers make. This should be avoided to impose a good impression on the reader. Keeping a formal tone throughout the passage is much appreciated.

Start the introduction chapter with the present tense like “The chapter discusses that….” Or “the study shows that”. Similarly, the conclusion paragraph should use past tense like “the research was conducted to explain….” Or “the study shows that….” We have to display the whole effort we made throughout the semester, with our words and work.

There should be a clear, concise, and purposive thesis statement at the start. It helps the reader to understand the things he is going to read in the next few pages.

Error and Mistakes

In the flow of writing, some very common mistakes take place like a few mentioned below.

“Accept” to “except”

“Principal” to “principle”

“Affect” to “effect”

There are more errors like this that usually writers make. These mistakes should be checked and corrected.

No matter how good your writing skills are, mistakes can be made by anyone. The best thing is to always proofread the final draft. There can be some punctuation, grammatical errors, spelling, and other mistakes that can make your word worthless. Make sure to avoid all the errors and mistakes while producing a great piece of dissertation.

Another mistake that people make is providing too much information in one sentence. It sometimes makes the sentence vague or overloaded with too much informative data. When the researcher tries to provide excessive information, he or she starts to bring irrelevant stuff to the paper. This dissolves the actual purpose and essence of the study.


We know, studying instead of having a bachelor’s party is boring. The final years are the only phase to enjoy the last days of freedom with your buddies. But we have to remember, this is also the only phase to take the ball in your court. How you managed your FYP and thesis, along with your personal life reflects your stress management skill and work efficiency. It is always better to take both things equally and manage all things together. No doubt, it will be difficult, but it will be worth it.

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