Top 10 benefits of eco-friendly boxes

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Considering that environmental toxicity has been increasing faster, the need to have eco-friendly packaging keeps everyone alarmed. Back in the day, people were unaware of the packaging material. Truly, packaging was the much-neglected factor.

However, the annual hike in waste dump created chaos amongst the people. Gradually, everyone started to realize their responsibility towards the environment. Thus, people started to boycott any brand that did not support environmentally friendly packaging.

Brands had to face a major backlash. Shifting towards eco-friendly packaging took time, but the results were satisfying. The awareness rift amongst the audiences couldn’t settle down.

Since everybody contributed to this cause, every product brand had to modify its packaging and move to eco friendly boxes. Team Urgent Boxes knew what they had to do to assist our clients!

To volunteer for a safe environment, we made sure that all the stocks offered at Urgent Boxes were eco-friendly. It is perhaps paramount for our customers to know that all the stocks offered at Urgent Boxes are safe and do not threaten the environment. Experts curate our packaging material. Hence, there is no room for our stocks not to be the perfect fit for you!

At Urgent Boxes, we offer:

  1. Paperboard
  2. Cardboard
  3. Kraft
  4. Corrugated Cardboard

All our stocks are durable and sturdy. Thus, they will provide utmost protection to your products. Moreover, with the eco-friendly element, you will get exactly the type of packaging you want!

Team Urgent Boxes highly stresses the importance and impact of eco-friendly boxes. Henceforth, below listed are the top 10 benefits of eco-friendly boxes!

1. A positive brand image!

The use of eco-friendly boxes will have a major impact on your brand reputation. Packaging is one major factor allowing customers to build brand perceptions and opinions. Thus, with eco-friendly boxes to pack your products in, you will showcase your brand positively in your respective industry and the audience!

2. Positive impact on sales!

Having better sales is the main concern of a brand. Every brand aspires and dreams of witnessing an improvement in its marketing. Hence, brands have taken major steps to work on this aspect.

Since brands started to address the importance of environmentally friendly packaging, people have become more inclined toward them. In simpler words, more people have shown immense support to brands with eco-friendly packaging than others!

3. Eco-friendly packaging attracts and appeals to customers!

People now look for brands that have eco-friendly boxes to pack their products in. The audience is largely aware of how important custom box packaging is, especially for the environment. Many brands now print on their packaging eco-friendly signs to show the world that their packaging is not harmful. Hence, this helps the brands to attract more customers!

4. Bio-degradable!

A major reason why eco-friendly boxes are preferred is that they are bio-degradable. It means that such packaging can be easily decomposed, and its substances DO NOT form a threat to the environment. Hence, the result is then a safe environment!

5. You receive appreciation from customers!

In today’s world, people willingly look for brands with environmentally friendly packaging to show support to these brands. Any brand that shifts to eco-friendly boxes receives a high amount of appreciation from the audience. Receiving appreciation, in turn, helps you to lead your respective industry!

6. Perfect solution for health-conscious people!

A packaging or other forms of packaging are formulated with harmful chemicals. Such packaging can be dangerous for items made for health and wellness-oriented individuals.

Hence, having packaging specifically designed for such products was, to be true, the need of the hour. The emergence of eco-friendly boxes also catered to this concern since they contain no harmful chemicals!

7. Major deduct in waste!

Catering to the major increase in waste was the primary concern a few years back. The formulation of eco-friendly packaging eliminated a major portion of waste. Previously, every human was worried about the increasing rate of environmental toxicity. With the gradual deduct in waste due to eco-friendly boxes, a major deduct in waste was seen! Thus, as a part of this world, you’re fully committed to what you do and perform your duty!

8. Convenient packaging than plastic!

With an eco-friendly stock, you can design and customize your packaging into various styles and sizes, making it convenient for your brand. At Urgent Boxes, we offer a wide range of box styles. Thus, you can choose any style that is more convenient for your product!

9. Reflects a brand’s credibility!

People have started classifying a brand’s credibility and integrity with eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly boxes reflect and tell the world that you as a brand know your duty towards the environment. Thus, as a part of this world, you’re fully committed to what you do and perform your duty!

10. Highly Cost-effective!

Eco-friendly boxes are recycled easily. Many brands have chosen eco-friendly boxes because of a limited budget. Hence, you not only shift to a better option but also save up smartly. Rather, call it a steal deal!

Eco-friendly boxes in wholesale at Urgent Boxes

Team Urgent Boxes has catered to their client’s concerns. To assist brands with a limited budget, we offer wholesale purchases. With wholesale purchases, you can also grab the bulk of your eco-friendly boxes within a limited budget. Moreover, we offer these custom boxes with no minimum range or amount!

Hence, you can now shift to a better form of packaging without worrying about your budget. Furthermore, with our customization features, you can easily design your boxes and make the most of your packaging!

Free shipping:

  • We have been dealing with customer concerns for years. One major concern of clients is shipping.
  • Most of the time, the packaging gets damaged during shipping. Moreover, it doesn’t reach them within time.
  • At Urgent Boxes, you enjoy a safe shipping process.
  • We deliver your custom boxes to you within time.
  • Moreover, our shipping is completely free for our clients to benefit from it.
  • Hence, you can now benefit from a 100% safe shipping process without even paying for it.
  • We deliver worldwide. Thus, you can get your packaging delivered to any part of the world!