Top 11 Bloggers In Pakistan – Top 11 Blogs in 2021

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Today, blogging is one of the fastest-growing professions in Pakistan. Especially young people and students are drawn to it because they can showcase their talent to the world and earn money online with it. The country of Pakistan has produced a number of professional bloggers. We list 11 of the most popular Pakistani blogs in this article.


Amir Atta

According to the top 11 Pakistani blogs list, Amir Atta comes at the very top of a list of top 11 Pakistani blogs. He is famous for his Pakistani blog, ProPakistani. In addition to technology, news, and showbiz articles, he writes about health and lifestyle. Each month, his blog earns almost 20,000 dollars. Pakistani ProPakistani blog took third place in the list of top 11 Pakistani blogs.



Syed Moiz is standing at the second number of a list of top 11 Pakistani blogs. Syed Moiz Balkhi runs a blog in Pakistan. is one of the most famous blogs in Pakistan. He also has other very well-known blogs like OptinMonster, MonsterInsights, as well as WPForms. According to the list of top 11 Pakistani blogs, he earns almost 25000 USD a month, which makes him the number one Pakistani blogger.

Est. Monthly Earning: $15000 to $270000


Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

The third-ranked Pakistani blog belongs to Ahmad Mustafa Ahmadzi whose blog is My Blogger Tricks. Ahmed Zia publishes blogs on the topic of blogging. Approximately 25000 USD are earned each month through this blog. Since 2008, the blog has been maintained. Today, he is regarded as one of Pakistan’s top bloggers. Additionally, he runs,, and

Est. Monthly Earning: $15000 to $270000


Faisal Chugtai

On our list of the top 11 Pakistani blogs, the Be-Pakistani blog by Faisal Chughtai does not exist since the site is a startup but it competes with all ranked websites like pro-Pakistani and local writers. Faisal’s blog focuses on tech news, business news, games news, and auto news.  The blog also offers tips about how to earn money through gaming. The majority of auto-related blogs of Pakistani’s are ranked on Google, like  German Automaker Mercedes-Benz Has Introduced The Electric G-Wagen Concept For The Future.



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Shahzaib Ul Hassan

In our list of top 11 Pakistani blogs, by Shahzaib ul Hassan ranks fourth. Shahzaib’s blog focuses on search engine optimization.  He also writes about how to earn money from gaming. He is a famous Pakistani blogger who publishes articles about SEO. From blogging, he earns almost 20,000 dollars a month.

Est. Monthly Earning : $10000 to $200000


Taimur Asad is a popular blog by Asad, which presents a variety of news and surveys about innovation.

It is obtaining up to twenty thousand dollars month to month, primarily from AdSense and member advertising, which fits him into the category of Pakistan’s most profitable bloggers. We ranked this blog fifth on our list of the top 11 Pakistani blogs.

RedMondPie – top 11 Pakistani blogs


Ali Raza is a popular Pakistani blog and is among our list of top 11 Pakistani blogs.

Ali Raza is a prominent Pakistani blogger from Lahore who covers topics like web-based business marketing, SEO and website improvement. Having received authoritative endorsements from both Google and Microsoft, he is an expert in the field of online business.

In addition, he has handled computerized marketing initiatives for a wide range of top organizations around the world.

Ali – top 11 Pakistani blogs

Est. Monthly Earning: $8000


Abdul Wali

The Onlineustaad website (in the top ten Pakistani blogs) distributes a lot of instructional video and article exercises for students, and also serves to link Pakistani students with the best instructors around the globe.

Despite the fact that a substantial portion of his videos are in Urdu/Hindi dialects, this blogger is definitely worthy of inclusion on this list since he is one of the most successful and influential bloggers in Pakistan. This is Pakistan’s top education blog.

Est. Monthly Earning: $7000


Ahmad Awais

This list of the top Pakistani blogs places at the eighth position.

He writes at about WordPress strategy and business endeavors. Wais is a Pakistani blogger. His previous experience includes working for various brands including Warid Telecom.

In addition to writing content for his blog, he earns income from paid administrations and modules.

Est. Monthly Earning : $5000


Shehab Farrukh Niazi

In the top 11 Pakistani blogs list, Shehab Farrukh Niazi is the best female fashion blogger. The principal woman on this list, Shehab Farrukh is an accomplished blogger with a lot of experience, having served as proofreader for the mainstream UK Hello magazine. Magazine.

She writes at, a design and style site aimed at urban aficionados! Through style frills and special offers, she has the ability to make money.

Est. Monthly Earning : $5000


Mohsin Ali Waheed

Mohsin Waheed is the creator of, where he writes about effective methods for bringing in money and online businesses for the most part. As everyone online these days needs to learn how to acquire on the internet, you won’t wonder why he has been successful. As well as writing articles about earning money online in Pakistan, he also wrote a book about it.

The following is a list of the top 11 Pakistani blogs we think you will enjoy. If you find this interesting, please spread the word! 

Mohammad Ismail 

He is a professional blogger, a motivational speaker, and the founder of, a blog that covers technology news, reviews, comparisons, rooting of Android and other smartphones, and other topics that pertain to technology, besides the focus on making money online.


These are professional bloggers who are able to make Pakistan proud with their professional skills.

This was a difficult post for me to make because it’s time-consuming and it’s challenging to choose an Expert since there are so many bloggers in Pakistan who are doing great, but none of them are experts.