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Top 5 Fashion Magazines Delhi


Top 5 Fashion Magazines Delhi

A magazine ought to be brilliant and ought to contain the significant in incline articles considering all age gatherings. Magazines are simply the best source to keep refreshed with all the most recent patterns say it wellbeing, form, politics, fitness and so forth.

With finish investigate we head towards top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi.

Number one in top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi is ELITE DELHI MAGAZINE

The Elite Delhi Magazine is a magazine that catches  it all And bring you into a world known As Elité Delhi.

elite magazine

Its Malls Are Stocked By The Latest Fashion Brands And Farmhouses That Are Tastefully Decorated With Art And Artifacts. The Young Drive Into The Night With Their Super-Cars And The Young By Heart Enjoy Their Nights Third Bottle Of Chardonnay. So For Us That’s Elité Delhi, A City Where The Rich And The Connoisseurs Of Good Living Move In A Hallowed Circle.

Top 5 Fashion Magazines

Second one in top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi is VOGUE INDIA

Vogue India is an Indian rendition of month to month form, health and lifestyle magazine. Vogue India is disseminated by Condé Nast India Pvt. Ltd. Condé Nast India is arranged in Mumbai and besides has an office in New Delhi The magazine was set up in 2007 and in a section of time it has expanded marvelous reputation. The magazine holds diverse groupings, for instance, plan, greatness, horoscope, wellbeing, news revives etc.The cover featured driving performing specialists and on-screen character like Bipasha Basu, Alia Bhatt , Preeti Zinta, Priyanka chopra, Sidharth Kapoor Lakshmi Menon and som.e more

vogue india magazine

vogue india deepika

Membership – One can subscribe on the web and benefit different offers, for example, for 1 year membership the client need to pay 1200 rather than 1800 and spares 600 or more gets unconditional present (L’oreal Paris reliable Mega Gloss in Alberte Rouge +Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner  in Plum together worth 1425 INR )

Third one in the top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi list is FITLOOK

FITLOOK is a Fitness Style Magazine. The magazine propelled its first issue in November 2016 crosswise over urban communities in India. The Magazine is claimed and keep running by Ms Karnika Budhiraja and Mr Mohit Kathuria. Magazine plans to give its peruse great bits of knowledge about striking an ideal harmony between an uncontrolled expert way of life and a self-controlled individual way of life.

Top 5 Fashion Magazines Delhi fitlook

The magazine is fundamentally a prepping magazine for every one of the perusers. The magazine advises how to adjust life as individuals just concentrate on mold and magnificence overlooking wellness. Fit Look Magazine is a definitive prepping guide for every one of the perusers searching for design and wellness under one rooftop.

Top 5 Fashion Magazines Delhi fitlook bani j

fitlook Top 5 Fashion Magazines Delhi

SUBSCRIPTION –  The cost of the book is just 100 INR and you can place order through their official website or through official Instagram page – FITLOOK MAGAZINE

Read more here Fitlook magazine

GNG MAGAZINE Fourth one in the top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi.

GNG MAGAZINE Fourth one in the top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi.

top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi. gautam gulati

GNG MAGAZINE Fourth one in the top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi urvashi

GNG Magazine is an awesome Fashion and Fitness Magazine that hold different general classifications, for example, form, magnificence and hair, wellbeing, lifestyle,celebrities, ladies and some more.

The Cover included Gautam Gulati, Daisy Shah,Sana Khan, hrithik Roshan, Urvashi Rautela and some more.

GLADRAGS MAGAZINE is the final one in top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi.

GLADRAGS MAGAZINE is the final one in top 5 Fashion Magazines delhi.

Gladrags is a way of life, amusement , travel, wellness and way of life magazine. It brings the most recent thoughts patterns and center ways of life into center inside its pages.

GLADRAGS publicizes form wear, family unit items, office items and textures, adornments, styles, frill, watches, travel, toiletries, inns, eateries, shoes, autos motorbikes, TVs and music hardware, mobiles, inside stylistic layout furniture’s… a heap of items through the pages. Mannequins become animated, personages talk and parade, and forms fall off the racks and onto the pages.

Membership – 1 YEAR – 399 INR , 2 YEARS – 780 INR , 3 YEARS – 1135 INR , 4 YEARS – 1470 INR, 5 YEARS – 1785 INR.

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