Top 5 Reasons for Outsourcing Customer Service to Call Center Philippines


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The Philippines serves as one of the best offshore destinations for companies looking to set up a call center. It is because the country provides high-quality customer service at low rates. The Philippines is home to a young workforce which is constantly being replenished with fresh college graduates every year.  A young workforce is ideal for call centers.

The call centers in the Philippines are constantly evolving to improve their customer satisfaction. They leverage the latest technological advancements.Conduct a strict screening process to hire the right candidate.

The Philippines is considered the world’s BPO capital. The island country is quickly emerging to be one of the top destinations which provide BPO services. The Philippines owns a whopping 15% of the world’s outsourcing industry. Call centers in the Philippines have more 1.7 million people working in them.


Here Are 5 Best Reasons to Outsource Customer Service to Call Center Philippines

The BPO industry in the Philippines garners a total revenue of around 23$ billion. This figure poise to grow to $40 billion by 2022 at a rate of 16%. This is indicative of the significant benefits reaped by enterprises through call center outsourcing Philippines. 

On this note, here’s looking at the benefits of call center outsourcing in the Philippines.


  1. Low Costs in Philippines

 Important benefits of call centers in the Philippines offer to companies. It cuts price. It exempts you from the overhead expenses of setting up a call center in your home country. These overheads include expenditure on office spaces, equipment, hiring, training new staff, security, other costs such as internet, and electricity. You outsource your service to an offshore call center, you let them take care of all these costs.

Call centers in the Philippines are more cost-friendly.  The salaries that employers have to pay are quite low. It is low to figures employers in the USA. Pay to their call center staff. A low cost of living compared with other countries is attributed to low wages in the Philippines.

2. Better Communication in Philippines

 English is one of the official languages of it. It is medium of instruction in their school. The literacy rate in the Philippines stands at an astounding rate of over 98%. The government also proactively encourages the Filipino people to choose BPO jobs through their program named TESDATESDA ( Technical Education and Skill Development Authority). All these factors contribute to the employees of call centers in the Philippines being very conversant in English.

Their fluency in English makes them tough competitors to their Indian counterparts. The accent of the workers of call centers in the Philippines. It  is quite similar to that of the USA residents. This makes them highly suitable for voice-based services like call center and virtual staffing.

3. Strong Push by The Government of Philippines

 The government of the Philippines is trying its best to attract investment from foreigners. The govt has provided special tax benefits to foreign investors to help their developing economy achieve higher growth. These tax benefits include:

  • Not having to pay corporate income tax for 4 years
  • Not charging import duties for equipment, supplies, raw material
  • Investors can easily get Permanent Resident status for themselves and their families. 

Businesses operate in the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) have benefits like exemption from paying expanded withholding tax.

4. Strict Data Security Laws.

Companies that choose to outsource their processes to other countries want to ensure that their data is intact. The Data privacy act brought by the Filipino government ensures that the privacy standards are at par with international standards. It imposes acts strict regulations to prevent confidential data from unauthorized access. A person is convicted for violating this rule. He/She may end up in jail for 6 years or might require to pay a hefty fine of $20,000-$100,000. 

It’s regulation is a boon to industries belonging to sectors as healthcare, and banking. These sectors require the strictest data privacy regulations to protect the interest of their patients or clients. This is why companies belonging to these sectors prefer the Philippines to set up their call centers.

5. Strong Presence of Western Culture.

The Philippines is one the few South Asian countries that has a strong influence of western culture along with that of Asian culture. Philippines was a colony of Spain, Mexico, United States at different times. The Filipinos watch a lot of American television and movies. This has made them embrace Western culture quite freely. Cultural resemblance plays an important role in determining the success of an offshore call center. 

The strong influence of other cultures in the Philippines has made the people of the Philippines being multi-lingual. Spanish is a major language there. Call centers in the Philippines have easy access to hiring people who speak other Asian languages like Japanese, Cantonese, and mandarin. This makes call centers in the Philippines more viable for companies who want to serve their customers in other languages too.

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 Our call center processes are equipped with cutting edge software that facilitates better reporting and accurate analytics. These help you to cut down many costs and increase your profits.Our customer service call center helped an Italian herbal health. And skin brand to reduce their operational costs It helped the brand to increase their sales and focus on their core business.

 Our sound quality monitoring methods ensure that your customers are highly satisfied.


ExpertCallers Professionals are very diligent. It comes to data security. We have implemented every security protocol to ensure that your data is safe.


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