Top 5 Unforeseen Harms When You Work In Bed

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Currently, the situation of Covid-19 disease is complicated in many parts of the world, so, to protect the health of themselves and the community, most people are studying and working at home.

Out of habit, most people will reach for their laptops and work right in bed. A recent survey found that up to 60% of respondents said they were lying in bed holding a computer when they had to work from home. But really this is a bad habit, it will bring effects to your own health. Let’s go with us find out what those effects are!

To work from home effectively, experts recommend that people try to arrange a separate working corner, separate from the bedroom, dining and entertainment areas. Please try to protect your health during the epidemic season but still do your job well!

Brain disorders and your way of sleeping

You know, our brains are wired to connect the bed with the concept of rest and relaxation. Sleep expert Rachel Salas says that when you work where you sleep, your mind starts to associate that space with activities instead of rest. Confusion can cause you to lose your normal sleep and cause insomnia or circadian rhythm disturbances.

In addition, the use of electronic devices in bed can also cause health problems. Exposure to blue light at night suppresses the secretion of melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, which affects our natural body clock.

Impact on work productivity

One survey noted that 72% of respondents admitted to having worked in bed, and these people were more likely to have sleep problems due to anxiety and stress.

It is also because of poor quality sleep that the body loses energy as well as reduces work productivity. And maybe you are tempted by the soft bed, you will stagnate at work and sometimes even not complete the work assigned by your boss.

Especially, if your bedroom has a dark space, you also easily feel tired. This shows that when working in bed you will not be able to concentrate on work, it makes you distracted on too many things.

Bad effect on back posture

With a bed with a soft and comfortable mattress, most of us will choose to lie on our stomachs, stretch our shoulders to work. In the long run, this habit can cause you pain all over your body, especially the neck, back, and hip areas.

Susan Hallbeck, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic Health Care Systems Engineering Director, emphasizes that just because you’re not feeling stressed right now doesn’t mean the negative effects aren’t happening. By the time the pain hits, it’s probably too late to end the problem, the most dangerous of which is permanent back stiffness, arthritis.

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Your bed is a hiding place for bacteria

Working in bed will make you messy, even taking advantage of eating right in bed. This will inadvertently make your bed unsanitary. According to a study by sleep experts, a mattress or bed that hasn’t been washed for 4 weeks has 39 times more bacteria than a pet food bowl.

According to the study of bacterial samples from the bed, the results showed that they were dirtier than in the bathroom. A 1-week-old pillowcase has 17,000 times more colony-forming units per square inch than a toilet seat. A 1-week-old bed sheet has 24,000 times more bacteria than a bathroom doorknob. Therefore, if you work in bed, it will be a good condition for bacteria to enter.

Affect your relationship with your partner

In research on the distractions of cell phones when with a partner, the results show that they have the potential to indirectly affect relationship satisfaction and pain. The same goes for other electronic devices such as laptops used for work.

That is, most of the human brain considers the bed as a place to rest, confide and share everything with their partner. Working in bed while your lover is there with you can make your partner feel ignored and disrespected. One of the reasons many couples break up is that they don’t care about each other, the other is so busy with work that he forgets to have someone lying next to him. This can make the situation even worse for you and this can also affect your work.

Solution for the above situation:

Simply put, to work from home effectively, you need to feel like you’re at work. On the other hand, it’s all too easy to allow yourself to be as annoying as a TV show or any other task that still needs to be done. Finally, one way to make yourself feel as if you’re headed to an office is to create a dedicated workspace. Your own workspace can make you feel confident and easy for you to achieve the given targets.

If you can, take the time to set up an office space in your home. Not elaborate. In most cases, a simple table or countertop will do. It will get you into the mindset that, when you sit down in that space, you’re ready to take on whatever work needs to be done. Also, working while sitting on a table and chair keep your backbone straight, which also help in losing weight.

You can buy yourself a set of desks and chairs to work at home to improve work efficiency and create comfort for yourself. You should also buy more necessary items for working from home. A set of table and chair might be the best combination for you if you’re working from home.

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Wish you work from home efficiently!

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