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Top 8 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Top 8 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

DIY home repair projects have surged in popularity, fueled by a wealth of DIY blogs and YouTube tutorials. Yet, these resources often gloss over the potential pitfalls and complexities involved, painting an overly simplistic picture of the tasks at hand.

In Memphis, Tennessee, known for its rich musical heritage and historic landmarks, the temptation to tackle home repairs independently is particularly strong. The city’s residents are known for their resilience and resourcefulness. Avoiding a dip into savings for home repairs is appealing to many in this vibrant community. However, what many DIY bloggers fail to mention is that life’s twists and turns can’t always be tackled with a do-it-yourself approach. Improper DIY fixes can lead to costly mistakes and, in extreme cases, pose serious risks to your safety. Moreover, quick DIY repairs may not stand the test of time, necessitating further work down the line.

In contrast, there’s a clear distinction in quality between professional repairs and those done by amateurs. This article aims to guide Memphis homeowners, proud of their city’s storied past and dynamic culture, on when it’s prudent to enlist professional help, ensuring that their repairs are both safe and enduring.

1. Roofing repairs

If you’re thinking about doing your own roofing, it’s essential to weigh the possible outcomes of an unsuccessful roofing job. Firstly, it won’t look aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, climbing up and down the ladder and working with sharp angles could result in you falling and sustaining debilitating injuries. 

Moreover, roofing work requires professional experience because one mistake could lead to a leaky roof and cause extensive damage to your home, which is more expensive to repair. So why not dip into your savings account and get quotes from roofing companies? 

In roofing terms, one square is equivalent to 100 sqft. So, a 30-square roof measures 3,000 sqft. In the Memphis area, the starting price for a laminated (architectural) shingled roof is roughly $350-$415 per square. This means the cost for a 30-square roof would be approximately $10,500 to $12,500.

When considering a new roof for your home, it’s crucial to get estimates from a reputable roofing company in Memphis to ensure you receive a fair and accurate quote for your project.

2. Electrical repairs

While DIY-ers can help with some minor electrical repairs, any work on the main circuits should always be handled by professional electricians.

Poor handling of electrical circuits or improper wiring could result in short circuits and house fires. The news is chock full of recent incidences of people losing their lives to house fires caused by rigged wiring.

In Tenessee, you need an electrical permit for electrical installations and require inspection if the homeowners themselves do them, so your options for DIY electrical work are limited.

3. Plumbing

Just like electrical wiring, a complex system of water pipes is hidden in walls and under floors. 

While minor repairs such as changing leaky faucets can be handled by a DIYer, major modifications in the pipe system require the expertise of a plumber, especially when it comes to modifications in the hot water pipes and sewerage system. 

Mishandling plumbing and even slight water leaks can result in thousands of dollars worth of wall damage, mold, and mildew growth.

4. Gas appliances

Many things in your house run on gas, for example, your oven, water heater, dryer, etc. Many homeowners think that fixing gas appliances is very simple, but handling gas appliances should strictly be left to professionals because it is dangerous and could claim your and your family’s lives. 

Only licensed professionals know how to properly install and check for gas leaks. It is essential to ensure that the gas connection has been made properly to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas explosions, and house fires. According to statistics, there have been 2,600 pipeline incidents by the end of 2021.

5. Moving walls

It might seem exciting to pick up a sledgehammer and take out all your life’s frustrations on a wall in your home just because you decided to adapt to the trending open concept. But your life could become even more frustrating once you realize that the wall you just tore down had been load-bearing and now the upper floor is either sagging or, worse, has collapsed into the floor below. 

This is why any repair job that requires work on your home’s structure should be done by pros who can assess your home and tell you which walls are load-bearing and cannot be moved.

6. Basement upgrades

Basements play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Do not be beguiled by your favorite home repair TV show that might have convinced you that you can take on improving your basement all on your own.

While you can handle minor changes and DIY interior decor, a professional contractor is needed for major changes that require tackling issues such as moisture, insulation, plumbing, and electrical work. 

Professional contractors have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that your basement is structurally sound, safe, and fully functional. They can help you create a plan that meets your needs and budget while adhering to local building codes and regulations. With their help, you can transform your basement into a comfortable and inviting space that adds value to your home.

7. Mending cracks in your walls 

If you discover a crack extending down your wall or the foundation of your home, it could suggest major structural issues that must be dealt with as soon as possible.

 Although mending the crack may appear to be a simple task, it is critical to determine the underlying cause of the cracks in your walls. It is important to hire a professional rather than attempting to repair it yourself.

8. Asbestos removal 

Insulation work should always be carried out by professionals who are licensed to handle it. It is especially important to exercise greater caution if your home was built before 1950, as the primary insulation material used during that time was asbestos. 

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that became popular due to its insulating and electricity-absorbing properties. However, it has been proven to be a carcinogen when large amounts of asbestos fibers are inhaled. 

Although the use of asbestos has been banned in the US since 1991, older homes and businesses may still contain it. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional for asbestos removal unless you are completely certain that your home’s insulation does not contain asbestos.


Investing in home repairs is like investing in your property’s future. Although it requires some upfront costs, the long-term benefits are worth it. Just as you wouldn’t compromise your health by choosing a subpar doctor, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of repairs that your home receives. Especially when the issue your home is facing could become a grave problem, it is good to feel confident in your DIY skills, but it’s wiser to know your limitations and call a professional when necessary.


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