Top 8 Hotel Social Media Marketing Tips & Strategies

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As we see that most of the population today uses social media for various reasons and it has been proved that social media has awoken to be an intimate part of our lives.

Social media today has been the most used communication process. Each & every living being here use social media from Gmail to YouTube to Facebook to Instagram.  As you can see today social media is just not only for the use of communication or for fun. Businesses today retain considerable recourses on social media to convey with their target customers.


Social media is influential equipment for assembling your brand because it authorizes comprehensive market segmentation as adequately as profitable information with your numerous target audience and communities.

But as we encounter a bunch of people who do not regulate the ability of social media for assembling a brand because they decline to take a logical approach.

Social media has stood roughly for generations presently but no one knew that it would encourage you out in the industry as generously. Earlier social media existed barely utilized to communicate over the mails, but presently as you can glimpse how beneficial the communication is over social media.


Let’s take an example of your clothing business where you create a social media accounts of your clothing brand called a high street social account, now you’re selling all the streetwear clothes, online targeting groups of age, from 16-35.  Where the teens might go gaga over the trendy clothes & the graphics of your account the quirky bio and the theme. This presence creates more views and interest in your products.


Social media encourages you to assemble your brand and exceeds your target audience to the provincial consumer.

Since you know since Covid, the hospitality industry has gone down miserably but as they say that there’s a silver lining after a hurricane. As all the hospitality industry has started working again with measures obtained & the consumers are quite happy than ever.

According to the sources 97% of consumers share the content of their trips using different platforms of social media.


But how do you look for a perfect destination through google looking out for a perfect destination and a perfect stay or maybe you want to go outside for a special dinner so you do some research on google checking out some beautiful place to explore. Generously, the mere direction a guest stops your site immediately is when they comprehend your brand. And unless you’re the Hyatt, Sheraton grand, or the Oxford golf court, you’ve got work to do.


The reasonable direction to give rise to an online existence is through your social media strategies, through your online content. It’s about plopping your content at the right niche at the right period and with the right basis.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter aren’t just enough you need to have your presence on more accounts. Like Zomato or Swiggy etc.


The social media procedures commence with the privilege screens. Always identify your audience so that you have an idea of where does most of the audience lies down. So according to the sources, there are 2.5 million people who post the trip post online on socials or sharing their locations.

Your credibility on social media plays a significant position.


So let’s take a look at some of the extensively significant social platforms in the world immediately, and which hotel social media marketing techniques you may expect to strive for each.



TIP 1. Check out your competitors

Look at realistic competitors and also inspirational it could be the comp set that your sales team compare you to in terms of pricing but it can also be any hotels that you like & that aspire to buy make sure you keep it don’t go too crazy & keep it in terms of the same facilities and offering that you. What at they posting about, how they are using social media just make a few notes. You can jot it down.


TIP 2. Benchmarking

So how do you stack up against your competitors? It’s just a basic little table that has all of the hotels on your self listed. How many followers & fans? How many posts & what’s your engagement rate like. So there’s a tool you can go to. This is a good way for your base it’s a good start for your benchmark.


TIP 3. Objectives & Targets

What is the point of objectives & targets & what are you hoping to achieve so with objectives we are going kind of top-level so what are we hoping to do which will normally support the greater goals of the hotels. It could be drive transient production um through content specifically weekends or maybe after 12 months, we want to see if weekend business as a whole uplifted. And then it’s about targets, targets are smart & specific & measurable & timely.

Target examples like

  • Increase your IG fans by keeping a target
  • Increase the engagement rates
  • Book direct target by 50%
  • Increase review store by end of the year.


TIP 4. Customer avatar

It’s very essential because how would you create content if you don’t know who you’re talking to. So we cannot skip the importance of customer avatars. So avatars are your typical hotel customer who is staying with you, most of you will already have segments.


TIP 5. Use hashtags

So when you post something containing the hashtags without the hashtags is equivalent to not posting.

To retain additional attention, you require to preliminary discover the relevant and prominent hashtags.

And there are numerous tricks that you could come across.


TIP 6. Engage with your audience

One of the extensively significant social media marketing tips revolves around necessarily committing with your audience on social media. This implies giving rise to the time to concede to their topics, performing so in a valuable direction, expressing with those who vacate comments on the content you share and commonly taking the time to interact.

Use hashtags to keep discussions about particular issues in one place, so that you can maintain track of them additional effortlessly. This remembers the following benefit of creating content more effortlessly searchable for your supporters extremely.


TIP 7. Reach new customers.

According to questionnaires, 82% of clients have faith in corporations that are on social media. Social media systems have billions of users so you are confident to find people who suit your target audience demographics. There prevail so numerous conceivable heads and you can arrange ads that target genders, generations, and areas to get recent and devoted consumers.


TIP 8. Create relationships

You can engage with your target audience by casting reasonable content. People may recognize that you are identical to them and maybe further leaned to book with your hotel.


Do these things and you’ll find that you’re well on your way to turning your hotel into a destination all by itself.

Apply these 8 Proven Social Media Marketing strategies & Tips to Promote Your Hotel, and increase the footfall. If you’re looking for branding services for hospitality business then get in touch with us.

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