Top 8 Things You Should Do Before Getting Your Car Towed

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It’s highly likely that you will hire a towing company for assistance moving your automobile if your car ever breaks down or if you experience a coincidence and it stops working. But before you make a snap decision and call a towing company, you should be aware of several crucial details. The advice we’re about to give you will make it easier for you to decide how to handle your circumstance both before hiring a tow truck Winnipeg service provider and what to do once it arrives.

Advice for practising before having your car towed:

Call Your Insurance Agent:

There is no doubt that we all become anxious if our car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, so call your insurance agent before calling the tow truck company. To escape the situation, all we have to do is phone the towing company. Even though it is already past business hours, it might be wise to call your insurance agent before the towing company. Your agent will provide advice on what to do and a list of potential towing companies (for safety and affordability reasons). Your agent may occasionally additionally deploy the company’s repair services to assist you.

Use Roadside Assistance Rather Than a Self-Sustaining Vehicle

Make sure you always have the tow truck company’s contact information handy in case you don’t have insurance or don’t want to call for coverage. Always keep the number of these agencies that operate honestly and without fraud. Roadside assistance can reach you more quickly than other independent providers. However, if you’ve been in an accident, you must mention it when you call them because some businesses do not offer towing services after injuries because it becomes a police matter.

Prepare The Vehicle To Be Towed

The first preparation takes place before leaving home. Before beginning any travel, make sure that a flashlight and a tow rope are inside the car. But once you leave, you may experience a coincidence or a car malfunction. Before the truck arrives, you should get all the money out of the car and take pictures of the car (if you happen to meet a coincidence).

Deal Well With The Towing Company

Make sure you deal with the truck you called; sometimes when you call a towing company, they promise to arrive in 20 minutes, but five minutes later, the towing truck arrives to the vehicle. There is a 90% probability that it isn’t always the service you called; instead, it can be just one random roadside vehicle that saw the opportunity and came to claim it. Ask for all the documentation before giving them your vehicle if you’re having second thoughts about it. But move cautiously and lock yourself inside your car if you believe the truck and its driver are sketchy.

Decide Where To Go

You have two options: cross domestically or travel to a mechanic’s auto repair shop, so specify where you need to go to the towing service. Considering that your car is being towed, choose the location of your move. If the driver asks to leave the car, call the police as soon as you can, even if an honest and trustworthy driver won’t require that you leave the car at a certain location.

Read The Documents Carefully

Before paying and signing the documents, be sure to carefully read them. Before allowing your car to be towed, you should review the document and the arranged receipt, created just for your situation. The settlement will include all relevant information, including the time of towing, the make and model of your car, the driver’s identity, the location of the drop-off, and the sum of towing. 

If you discover that any of these terms are incorrect, do not sign the contract, do not pay in advance, and do not allow him to tow your car. Never agree to anything in writing that is ambiguous or that doesn’t clearly define everything.

Ensure the Cost

If you contact your insurance company for assistance, they need to legitimately offer you less expensive towing services. Depending on where you are caught and where you intend to go or be dropped off, the real value may be determined. However, you should include a screenshot or a list of towing prices in your component. So, if any towing company charges you more, you will be aware of this and should not hire them; instead, contact another company. Additionally, you are not required to give cash to towing companies because drivers must consent to any form of payment through law. There might be a problem there if they’re no longer willing to tolerate various modes. Additionally, be wary if a driver claims that the insurance company will cover all towing costs; needless to say, this assertion may be true, but the driver is unfamiliar with your policy and cannot guarantee that it covers towing costs. 

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Keep The Towing Records Safely

you may need them if the tow truck damages your vehicle while it is being towed or if you need to make a claim for reimbursement from your insurance provider. Those documents will serve as evidence for you whenever you need them. You can make use of them whenever you see fit or if you need to tow documents.


These rules might vary in terms of situations, and they give you a lot of flexibility. Towing a car is a serious business, and everything related to it needs to be done with extreme caution. While there are some standards that may also differ from location to location, towing regulations are generally the same throughout all states and jurisdictions. 

Even while learning about towing regulations can seem like a laborious task, becoming familiar with them before you leave home will prove essential, especially for long car trips. Make sure you always have a list of tow truck service providers’ contact information, such as 24-hour towing, either in your emergency contacts or in your car, so that whenever you experience automotive trouble, help is always nearby.

“Top 8 Things You Should Do Before Getting Your Car Towed”