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Top Four Digital Healthcare Platforms in India

You need to see a doctor or have to get some tests done, but venturing out puts you at risk of contracting the virus, or maybe you’re in a place that makes it difficult to reach a healthcare provider. Does this sound familiar? Depending on the situation, digital healthcare platforms may be the answer and even a long-term solution for non-emergency concerns. The rise of digital health services has ensured that you can receive remote healthcare services from a doctor without setting foot in a clinic or a hospital.

Below, we present a list of such platforms that can help you with your routine follow-ups, health checkups and medicines with a tap on your phone.

Practo: Practo is a patient-focused, unbiased, independent medical website with thousands of doctor profiles from practoIndia and Singapore. Patients can connect with doctors online by booking a consultation from the comfort of their home. Practo has a pool of thousands of trusted doctors across 25+ specialties. On the Practo app and website, you can get online advice from a Psychiatrist, Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Gastroenterologist, Gynecologist, Sexologist, Pediatrician, Urologist, Endocrinologist, Dentist, Psychologist, and many more. Practo serves customers in the following cities: Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. Patients can book confirmed appointments with doctors listed on Practo’s website.

Healthians: Healthians is India’s largest health test at home service provider, trusted by over 14 lakh households. Healthians Founded in 2015, the company is driven by the vision to add 10 healthy years to every Indian’s life. AI-driven and well-being-focused, Healthians offers highly trained phlebotomists and precision-driven labs to ensure accuracy and perfection in tests. Beyond tests, Healthians customers are also informed of future health trends along with medical recommendations, dietary and lifestyle advice on the basis of test reports, medical history, and lifestyle inputs.

The company has operations in 80 cities across the country and their objective is to provide you with access to reliable and high-quality healthcare facilities at your fingertips. Through its proprietary concepts such as Health Karma, Health Tracker, and AI-based reports, Healthians brings the benefits of tech intuitiveness to the fore and helps its customers live a better life. The company prides itself on being of utmost standard unmatched by any other health test service provider in the country.

DocsApp: DocsApp is an online consultation platform that provides consultation for patients of all age groups in DocsAppseveral critical disciplines through its app and website. Patients can talk to specialist doctors from top Hospitals on Private Chat & call in their choice of language. Doctors on this app can only help you with consultation-based issues that can be shared in the form of messages, prescriptions, pictures, and medical reports.

PharmEasy:  PharmEasy

PharmEasy is one of the largest pharmacy aggregators in India. It is an online medicine delivery app that allows you to buy healthcare products, OTC products, & medical equipment online. They help patients connect with local third-party licensed retail pharmacies and diagnostic centers to fulfill their medical needs.


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