Top Reasons why Belt Boxes are better than Plastic Bags

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If you own a trendy fashion store, then nothing is better than using customized special packaging. Likewise, there are high chances that you also deal in belts, and you need belt boxes. These customized boxes for belt have many advantages, one of which is that it makes your brand more recognizable. Belts are a staple in high-end men’s fashion these days, and you need appropriate packaging for them as well. 

Remember, when we used to have plastic bags as belt boxes that has changed. Now, we use special durable boxes made to protect the belts from damage and keep them secure.

Belts are a necessity and a fashion staple, but at the same time, and are made from premium quality materials, which require special care. This is why customized belt boxes are now preferred, as they help provide the required level of protection.

Significance of Belt Boxes

Belts need both men and women alike, and these simple leather items are of the utmost importance in our daily outfits. 

Besides being such an essential piece of accessories, the packaging is vital in the fashion industry for its protection. It is essential for brands that deal in belts to package their belts in customized boxes with their brand’s details either embossed or debossed. Moreover, a customized tie box adorned with add ons and window patching makes it more presentable and desirable. Which eventually attracts the onlookers.

Customers are inclined towards premium quality products that are presented similarly. This helps them reflect the elegance of the product while also making your brand unique.

These days, belt packaging is made with different customizations such as:


  • Customized Prints
  • Premium Looks
  • Unique Color Scheme
  • Distinct Shape
  • Window Patching

These custom packaging options are in high demand because they enhance the overall packaging of the tie boxes. These aspects are briefly discussed below:

Customized Prints

Customized prints can help increase your brand sales; with their unique designs and eye-catching graphics, they can help you to lure in more customers. This also enhances the visual appeal of the boxes and makes your products more desirable. 

These prints can be customized based on the type of products. For instance, if you are designing a product as a gift item, you should go for gift-themed packaging.

Premium Looks

As belts are related to fashion, they must have an overall premium look and feel to them, not just to the product but also to the premium packaging. This can help you make your product more exclusive and high-end, resulting in increasing its market worth.

Unique Color Scheme

The color scheme is significant in the fashion industry, so you need to select a well-balanced color scheme for your custom packaging, reflecting your brand’s personality. You can also boost your sales if you use the color scheme strategically.

Distinct Shape of the Box

The shape of the box is also crucial as it keeps your products protected while also making them more presentable. It is an excellent practice to make the boxes according to the size of the product, as it can result in a better fit, hence making the packaging more secure.

Window Patching

Although it is a decorative feature and is not mandatory to have on your boxes, if you decide to add it, it will help your brand make your product more exciting. Customers can also take a look at the actual product that is inside.

This can help build up trust between the brand and the customers.

Reasons why Belt Boxes are Preferred over Plastic Bags

Now that you know what customized belt boxes is and how it can affect your brand. And if you are thinking about getting it for your brand, then you need to know another important thing, and that is: why we prefer this reusable packaging over plastic bags

It Helps Save Resources

Plastic bags might seem small and simple, but they require many resources such as materials and energy to make them. And are not very sustainable since they are fragile and cannot serve the purpose of protecting luxury items. 

Belt packaging requires fewer materials to manufacture and is also user-friendly, which makes them highly cost-effective. A brand needs to reserve its resources to survive.

Helps Reduce Wastage

Durable belt packaging is also called reusable packaging and can contribute towards a healthier and more user-friendly environment. Since plastic has a severe negative effect, brands prefer to use eco-friendly belt packaging as it helps reduce land waste and makes it easy for the environment to handle.

Also, it is easy to recycle them once they run out of their shelf and packaging life. These boxes are made from natural materials, so it is easy to recycle to make other things and even remake them into packaging boxes if we desire.

Helps to Protect Wildlife

According to a survey, most of the plastic bags end up at the bottom of the ocean. Because plastic packaging takes more time to decompose, it badly affects ocean life as it tends to get stuck in the fins and other parts of animals, which makes them unable to move. 

Not only marine life but on the land as well, most of the wild animals tend to get sick due to the plastic bags that they swallow, which leads to severe illnesses.

Provides You with Strength and Durability

Reusable bags are likely to have higher tear-resistance and durability, making them a more secure option for your luxury belts. Reusable boxes are ideal for both; to protect the product and to make it more presentable. They can also withstand their shape when put under pressure and can face different climate conditions as well.

Can be repurposed for Other Uses

These boxes can be used to store the belts, even after they have been bought, as they have a long shelf life. Other than that, if these boxes are not being utilized to store belts, we can use them to store other smaller items such as jewelry items, which makes them a more sustainable option.

Now, we hope that it is clear why brands now prefer to use specialized belt boxes over plastic bags since it has so many benefits and can also contribute towards to healthier environment.