Top rooftop solar companies in India

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The quick adoption of top rooftop solar companies in India is hampered by a lack of appropriate information and understanding about the benefits of going solar. People end up paying high electricity rates because they are unwilling to spend a hefty upfront cost for solar panels and other equipment. The rooftop sector has slowed due to a lack of standard products and procedures, as well as the lack of convenient financing choices from banks. With solar costs plummeting, it is now possible to recoup the cost of rooftop solar in as little as 5-7 years (note this depends on many factors like subsidy, electricity bill, tariff, units consumed etc.)

The following is a list of solar rooftop installation firms in India.

  • Jakson solar

Jakson makes extremely dependable and efficient crystalline silicon solar PV modules with power outputs ranging. It starts from 10Wp-325Wp for use in on-grid and off-grid solar power plants, commercial rooftop, and land-based solar power projects. Their modules are made on automated production lines imported from Europe and installed at Jakson’s facility in Greater Noida, India. Jakson solar modules are weatherproof, sealed, and extremely long-lasting, with the capacity to endure high amounts of ultraviolet radiation and moisture.

Solar PV panels, Module Mounting Structures, and other unique solar goods and solutions are manufactured and sold by the Jakson Solar Modules. Jakson solar product line covers a wide range of B2B and B2C goods that are distributed in India. They also covers internationally through a dedicated Channel Partner and Dealer network. Jakson hopes to increase its solar module manufacturing capacity to 1 GW by 2020, as well as start producing solar cells with a capacity of 250 MW. Jakson Solar is ranked second in the rooftop solar EPC category and among the top three utility-scale solar EPC players.

  • Loom Solar

Loom Solar is a rooftop solar installation company in India. They offers systems with capacities ranging from 3 kW to 50 kW and 50 kW to 100 kW. In India, the firm has used solar energy to power over 1000 households in 700 towns. On-grid projects in residential and commercial locations, such as hospitals, factories, educational institutions, offices, and more. Loom Solar has covered all this now.

  • Tata Power Solar 

Tata Power Solar is one of India’s most reputable and dependable rooftop solution providers. In 1991, the company installed its first rooftop solar system. Today, the company has more than 10,000 residential clients and a rooftop system installed base of more over 250 MW.

  • Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten is the Mahindra group’s ‘Cleantech’ division. It is a market leader in India’s solar EPC market. For major corporations such as Infosys, the business has built rooftop solar solutions.

  • Sunsure Energy

Sunsure Energy specializes in large-scale rooftop systems (50kw-800kw) and offers clients complete turnkey solutions. This organization has involved in every step of the rooftop installation process, from conceptualization to design to EPC. Also in financial structure, and maintenance.

  • Fourth partner Energy

A well known Fourth Partner Energy comes into being in 2010. But it  is now one of India’s largest rooftop solar companies. The firm oversees a portfolio of over 120 MW and over 100 clients, including Nestle, EY, and Airtel.

  • Suryaday

Suryaday is a well-known solar EPC firm based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is currently has 15 MW of projects in its portfolio and another 8 MW in the queue. This company has heavily invested in India’s rooftop solar market. It having completed more than 20 MW of rooftop solar projects too far.

  • Orb Energy

Orb Energy has been a pioneer of rooftop solar in India since its inception in 2006. They have built 100,000 solar systems for residential clients. The company offers both off-grid and on-grid installations. And as well as an online tool that allows you to track your solar savings and effect in real time.

  • Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is a PV solar module producer with the ability to produce modules for both on-grid and off-grid installations in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. It is a well-known provider of rooftop solar and EPC solutions.

  • Renew Power

Renew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company based in India. Ltd. is a renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP). The company launched its first distributed solar energy project in March 2015, and as of March 31, 2018, it had over 40 MW of operating distributed solar capacity.

  • SB Energy 

SB Energy is an Indian rooftop solar firm. The firm specializes in the design and installation of solar rooftop plants for homes and businesses in both urban and rural settings. Clients can also use a smartphone app to track their solar generation activities on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

EPC Contractor

The most common type of contract is EPC Contractor India which is an abbreviation of Engineering, Procurement, and construction. The engineering and construction contractor will complete the project’s full engineering design, obtain all necessary equipment and materials, and then construct the facility or asset for their clients. EPC Contractors are businesses that deliver EPC projects.

EPC contractor India

For land-based solar power plants, rural and urban electrification, electrical substations, and transmission, building electrification for industries, data centers, hospitals, metro rail electrification, and distribution franchisees, Jakson provides turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services. Our team of highly qualified engineers has completed some of the most prestigious and difficult EPC projects for the Indian government, as well as private and international clients. Jakson Group has become a prominent EPC contractor in India as a result of this, and the company has experienced exponential growth in the Solar and Electrical EPC business over the previous five years.

We have completed over 1GW of solar EPC projects on a turnkey basis in India and abroad, from idea to commissioning, including long-term O&M of solar power plants. RGGVY, DDUGVY, and Sau Bhagya Yojana rural electrification projects have been completed by the Electrical EPC industry across India. Furthermore, we have constructed 132KV and 220KV substations and transmission lines in many states across India, making Jakson a highly regarded and sought-after EPC contractor in the country. We completed the entire EM package for 16 stations and the Kochi metro depot, and we are currently working on a similar package for DMRC in the Mumbai metro.