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Toshiba launches new range of home appliances

Toshiba believes in the infinite power of technology. The Japanese brand is guided by the ‘Takumi’ philosophy and is inspired by design, to engineer and manufacture every product with uncompromising attention to details.  With the launch of new range of home appliances, Toshiba has brought forward these principles with its brand positioning of ‘Details Matter’.

#DetailsMatter translates seamlessly through their products and offerings. You can experience this new futuristic and intelligent lifestyle application of details in the new range of Toshiba Refrigerators, Washing Machines (Front Load and Semi-Automatic), and Water Purifiers. A METICUOUSLY CRAFTED range has been created especially for India to bring a big difference in the life of consumers #DetailsMatter

Toshiba Washing Machine
Bringing the ‘Great Waves’ technology to India in their front load washing machines is a masterstroke and so is their ‘Colour Alive’ technology. These intelligent technologies have been developed after extensive consumer research and immersion programs. The greatest insights being the fear of excessive damage and discoloration of all types of fabric after regular washing and concerns on electricity bills.   Hence now Indian consumers can save upto 67%* energy and also protect fabric colours from fading by upto 39%*  (*tested under standard lab conditions at Toshiba). Real inverter motor with 10 year warranty is available across all front load machines.

Toshiba Refrigerator
The Toshiba refrigerator range is available across capacities ranging from 661 Ltrs to 252 Ltrs, in the most elegant glass finish and attractive colours like deep black, gradient blue and even bluish green. Coming to #DetailsMatter , an Indian consumers requirement for faster and effective cooling of items in the door pocket and ice making, Toshiba has built its key feature i.e. “Door Shower cooling” and ‘Auto Ice Maker’ in their 2 Door Frost free range.  The colour palette of the door is also developed after a detailed consumer survey program. Sleek and glossy exteriors is what consumers aspire for nowadays. The Real Inverter compressor with a 10-year warranty is available for all models.

Toshiba Water Purifier

And since health matters the most, Toshiba R0+UV multistage Water purifier ensures each and every last drop of water is pure for use for the loved ones, introduces the UV Shield Last Point Purification to kill 99.99% of micro-organisms.  A 5-year warranty on the UV lamp is applicable across both water purifier products.

Hence the campaign on #DetailsMatter aptly establishes Toshiba’s emphasis on details, precision, and consistency with every product it launches in the market. Toshiba understands the importance of details in their products, and how each one matters to their consumers. Through this campaign, they present a fresh perspective that rightly highlights the importance of details across the product portfolio.

Hashtag Orange is the agency responsible for bringing these ideas to life and speaking on the same, CEO Saurabh Kapoor said, “The platform that comes with associating with Toshiba is massive and when we were introduced to this brand proposition we quickly realized that bringing #DetailsMatter to life would be a fun & insightful exercise.”

Toshiba works and engages with the ‘Takumi’ principle. In its application, an artisan engages in practice, learning from his setbacks and in due course understanding the value of details and using this process, attaining perfection.


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