Types of Nursing Apparel- Custom uniform

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Nursing Apparel:

The kind of apparel and clothing that a nurse wears can often make quite a difference to their comfort level. Nurses have a variety of pieces of their daily Custom uniform, including scrubs, compression pants, nursing shoes, gloves, lab coats, masks, rubber or other latex gloves, rubber or other breathable vinyl eye protection, safety glasses, and many more. When a nurse changes in their scrubs to a more comfortable version of their work uniform, the patient is often uncomfortable as they are moved around. This can be embarrassing for some patients as well as a potential health risk if the nurse is not wearing the appropriate scrubs or uniform. Additionally, uniforms for nurses are not all one size fits all and therefore it is necessary to get your nursing or housekeeping uniforms tailored to your individual body type. When a nurse or housekeeping professional has a problem with one piece of clothing, they can often ask the store for another style that fits them better.

Stretch Uniforms:

For this reason, scrubs for nurses are now available in a variety of styles. There are longer versions of the typical stretch pants that have elasticized waists. There are also skirt and pant leg options available to adjust to the height of the women who wear them. They are generally made from synthetic fabric materials that are resistant to tearing, but stretchable and comfortable.

Custom Uniforms:

A nurse who works in a more clinical environment is going to need some form of scrub top, or scrub the bottom. There are now custom uniforms for these situations as well. These scrub tops or bottoms are generally fitted with elasticized waists to fit the individual woman’s shape, as well as having a neck that is detachable to allow easy dressing. These scrub tops and bottoms are typically made of polyester and are available in a variety of colors to meet the needs of any patient or caregiver.


For those working in an outpatient setting, there is no need to purchase lab coats or scrub pants. Skid wear comes in a variety of styles including booties and jackets. There are some nurses who still prefer the traditional scrub top and pants combination. Skid wear can be purchased in a number of different colors, and there are also disposable varieties for cleaning that make the uniforms easy to remove after use.

Compression Socks:

These come in a wide variety of styles, including short sleeves, long sleeves, capes, and bibs. Some compression socks match up with a pair of scrub tops, while other compression socks are worn alone. The purpose of the compression socks is to help prevent the feet from feeling cold when a patient is lying down. The bottoms of the compression socks are typically made of polypropylene to act like thermos, which helps keep the patient’s body heat in during cooler days.

Breathable Orthopedic:

These garments are also called knee pads or knee socks, which are used with pulse oximeters and Ecg calipers. Some people who work in healthcare facilities also use breathable athletic tights and pantyhose. These are usually purchased with their nursing uniforms. These are great because they allow patients to stay comfortable even if they need to move around a lot. They are made of cotton, polypropylene, or a blend of these materials and are available in different colors, depending on what is most important to you.

Popular types of nursing attire:

Other popular types of nursing attire include scrub tops, scrub pants, scrubs tops, scrub bottoms, and leg suits. Scrubs and scrub tops can be purchased together or separately, but they typically come in a matching color palette. Leg suits are great for working in areas where the nurses and/or patients will have to move around a lot. These outfits are usually made of a soft, breathable material like cotton, polyester, or spandex. This allows the patient’s legs to stay cool during hot weather and give them added support when they need it. Many scrub tops also have added features like adjustable straps and other accessories.

Types of Nursing Apparel

Custom uniform

Nursing apparel or housekeeping uniforms:

Most nursing apparel or housekeep uniform are often white long-sleeved shirts with elasticized cuffs. This type of clothing is comfortable for nurses, but it does little to protect nurses from harmful materials such as bed sores. The cotton also allows for rapid fabric drying which can lead to skin irritations that can create embarrassing situations for nurses. Please make sure the site you are ordering from has a direct contact number and specify your area/unit when putting your order down.

Colour Style of nursing apparel:

While these two basic types of nursing apparel generally come in identical colors, patterns, and styles. There are subtle differences between the two that make choosing one a little more complex. One of the main differences is the style of the jackets, scrub tops, and lab coats. Stationary scrub tops are usually knee-length jackets. One pocket on each side of the jacket for easy access to a stethoscope. Cleaning tool or other items needed. While scrub pants are typically knee length with elasticized cuffs at the waist.

Nursing uniforms for doctors:

dentists, nurses, surgeons, and therapists are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Depending on the needs of the patient the scrubs may come in one piece or a mix and match style. Scrubs worn by nurses are white in color and have a fitted puff-like material. That helps keep perspiration and body oils from staying on the uniforms. These scrubs design to be lint-free and should not contain a scent.


If you are buying one of these for your own uniform, Dickies Medical, be sure to get all the matching pieces for your job. For example, if you buy a scrub top with a pad. You will need a scrub top with a pad, a cap, a stoma, and a Bi-Locker or medical ID. You may want to consider matching the scrubs tops and pants with a fleece pullover sweater for the colder months. Lastly, for comfort, look for wool, cotton, or synthetic blends of cotton blend or spandex. Make your work uniform a lot more comfortable.