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Using A Custom Portrait, You Can Capture The History Of A Home

custom family portrait illustration

Kristine A. Lombardi of Montclair can create a personalized home portrait for you as a one-of-a-kind holiday gift. This award-winning picture book illustrator will create a whimsical representation of your home or business.

Portraits are created from photographs and can be set in any season. 11′′ x 14′′ and 12′′ x 18′′ are popular unframed art sizes. Unframed portraits in larger sizes are also available. Prices start at $395.

When she isn’t painting home portraits, Lombardi is illustrating greeting cards and developing home décor products. She also instructs through community outreach programs at the Montclair Art Museum and teaches illustration at the Montclair Art Museum.

Finding the perfect photo gifts for loved ones can be difficult at times. The best photo gift ideas are frequently those with a personal touch. Today we’ll go over a plethora of photo gift ideas for family and friends. If they are also avid photographers, we will have some suggestions.

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Photo Gifts That Are Unique and Personal

Why not put your digital photos in a digital frame instead of a photo album or a regular frame? A digital frame cycles through various photo collections automatically. They can be family photos, scenic views, or favorite memories!

Because photographs are generally available in the digital realm these days, printing a photo book is an excellent personalized gift. Furthermore, there is no need to be concerned about accidentally deleting images.

Canvas Print

A canvas print is one of the best gifts you can give if you know of a single image that means a lot to someone. Perhaps it’s a scene from a significant event or a memorable family vacation. Many websites, such as Canvaspop, offer a simple service from start to finish. You can select from a variety of canvas styles and sizes.

If a canvas print is too large, consider framing a collection of photographs in an elegant, matte frame. These are great gifts for people who want to display family photos on their desks or wall at work or at home. Framed photos are a simple way to brighten someone’s home.

Personal Photo Journal

Making a personalized notebook is a great way to have a daily reminder of good times. So, whether someone is taking notes or keeping a personal diary, their words will always be accompanied by beautiful images, and also check this topposttoday.

What if someone has an excessive number of photographs in their home? Or perhaps they prefer something a little more stylized? Silhouetted wall art may be right for you. Silhouette art is created by converting a photograph of your choice into a simple outlined image. Not On the High Street can make these for you. To accompany your own images, choose a picture style, background color, frame, and even a personalized tagline.

A Visually Appealing Design

Art Deco is one of the best design eras at it. Its strength may be that it incorporates, appropriates, and draws inspiration from a wide range of other design styles. No other design movement has elements that are so drastically dissimilar from one another as machines and archaeology.

It’s almost like a perfect marriage of the ancient and the modern, making for a visually memorable experience. While its heyday in the early twentieth century lasted only a few decades, Art Deco is still popular among designers who appreciate its sharp, sleek modernity and sometimes gaudy excesses.

Any fan of DC Comics or simply animation who remembers this old cartoon will recall how Art Deco was used to create the sleek and stylish appearance of Batman’s Gotham City. Batman: The Animated Series introduced a whole generation of children to the wonders of this impressive art form, whether it was the Machine Age and streamlined design of the Batmobile, the geometric features of the Joker, or the exquisitely rendered skyscrapers of Gotham’s skyline.

Pop Culture and Art Deco

This popular style has received numerous homages in pop culture. The entertainment industry, whether in movies or cartoons, has also contributed to the development and spread of this design movement.

The Rocketeer, a 1991 film, is arguably the most well-known example of a film that not only featured this aesthetic but also completely infused its story and environment with it. The film is bursting with Art Deco, despite not being by any means a blockbuster.

Its iconic poster, created in the final decade of the twentieth century, appears to be straight out of 1920s Hollywood. The film’s production design—from the costumes to the sets and everything in between—is essentially a celebration of everything that made Art Deco design elements so timeless.

Cartoons are probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of the decorative arts, but Art Deco managed to infiltrate even this medium. Warner Bros., in particular, in the 1990s.

Batman: The Animated Series is an animated cartoon that exemplifies how striking and visually appealing Art Deco can be when a whole production team is invested in its accurate representation.

It’s also possible to make just one part of your home Art Deco rather than the entire place. It may even be the wiser choice because you can simply retreat to your Art Deco retreat whenever you want to immerse yourself in this radiant style.

Designing with Art Deco

This design movement began in the late nineteenth century with furniture and interiors. It is still possible to decorate your interiors to look like they are straight out of a Roaring Twenties scene.

Home accents can incorporate streamlined forms and shapes, which are typically seen in vintage automobiles. Look for French-style coffee tables with sharp, angular edges and angular armchairs. Additionally, geometric shapes are always a good choice, so incorporate rectangular or even oblong mirrors into your bedroom.

While you’re at it, experiment with the lighting in a unique way. Chandeliers in the Art Deco style, which feature a variety of geometric patterns and designs, are excellent lighting fixtures. Additionally, they produce a certain glam effect that harkens back to vintage movies. Recall the prominent sunburst or sunrise motifs mentioned earlier that characterize this design aesthetic. For the ultimate Art-Deco homage, purchase a sunburst-rock chandelier to hang over your dining room table.

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