Valentine’s Love Special – RAW Pressery Juice

Valentine’s Love Special –

Valentine’s Love Special Day comes with the pressure of picking out the ideal gift ie. RAW Pressery, India’s first and largest cold pressed juice brand, has perfect the solution. On the shelves this February are two delicious juices that embrace the feeling of Valentine’s Day – POMEGRANATE and LOVE.


POMEGRANATE: Made from what scholars believe to be the original forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden – the pomegranate. Valentine’s Love Special juice is contains the arils from pomegranates that are also known as the elixir for the heart. However, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E, this fruit juice loves your heart as much as you love your Valentine.

Valentine's Love Special


LOVE: Packed with anti-oxidants that are good for your heart and chia seeds, known for their fat burning properties, this juice gives your body all the nutrition it needs, from fibre to essential minerals. Come fall in Love at first sip.

Valentine’s Love Special

Fresher than any other brand in the packaged beverage category, RAW Pressery’s juice blends are the safest cold-pressed beverages in the market, packaged with high pressure processing. They contain a uniform mixture of juice, fiber and water, making them a complete nutritional package, a perfect shot of good health for you and your loved one!

Valentine's Love Special


Valentine’s Love Special RAW Pressery’s juices are available at premium retailers and online stores. You can also order the juices from this website and delivered right to your doorstep by clicking this RAW Pressery’s juices link.


So celebrate this Valentine’s Love Special Day with the RAW Pressery way.

Grab the amazing raw Pressery juice and delite up your life to the fullest. It’s time to build up your heath and shower the love on your beloved with pressery. Enjoy every sip with an amazing taste that would definitely force you to have more and more.

Hurry up. Make your love one feel special and glittering red with the Red Raw Pressery.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Stay Loved, Stay Happy




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