Vastu Check Online: Check These Basic Home Vastu Considerations


Every day, vastu check online has a significant impact on our life. Vastu is a link to the ancient Vedic science of existence and not merely a science. According to Vastu experts, one of the essential principles of Vastu for your house is to make the most of forces to generate good energy for all your endeavours.

As per the vastu for home and vastu consultant, a clean and clutter-free atmosphere encourages you to conduct a thorough house inspection. Ideally, your home would be spacious and well-kept.

Is It Possible To Learn Basic Vastu For A Home?

The first stage in Vastu Shastra is choosing the house’s land since the living area’s position and alignment is crucial. According to Vastu Shastra, facing north, west, west, or south on a home is always a good idea because each has its advantages.

Vastu Check Online: What To Look Out For

The Property’s History

A clear understanding of a property’s past is crucial to a positive mindset. Renters are wary of adversity, especially if it seems ordinary.


A home that is well-lit and well-ventilated is always a plus. Having them in place ensures that the energy entering your home flows appropriately.


If you live near a busy road, a cemetery, a power plant, or near electric poles, you should avoid it. You may not have many chances to live in a quiet residential neighbourhood in the city due to the high population density, but you may still find a serene, good atmosphere.

Flow Of Energy

Pray to Ganesh, the Navagrahas, or other deities to purify your home of bad energy. Use wall hangings recommended by a Vastu specialist that generate good energy, such as wind chimes, crystals, and yantras.

The Main Entrance

A tree, an electric pole, or any other significant impediment shall not hinder the main entrance of a rental residence.

Inconsequential Shifts

Even renting, it’s important to follow the rules of vastu check online. Even if you can’t make structural alterations to your leased property, you may rearrange your furniture and adjust your sleeping position.


Make sure all the doors open in the appropriate way when you’re examining your new home! Before you move in, be sure to oil the hinges to prevent creaking and get any damage to the door fixed as soon as possible.

The House’s Directional Aspect

The main entrance is the primary point of entry for energies into a house. For every property, the direction it faces is always a primary consideration. It’s the direction you walk out of the main entrance while leaving the building. To a large part, this decides the Vastu of the home.

It’s widely accepted that the north, east, and northeast are the most fortunate areas. To ensure proper Vastu for the home, ensure the main entrance is single-framed, opens inwards, and is the house’s most prominent and most conspicuous door.

The entryway should be adequately illuminated to draw positive energy. According to the experts of vastu check online ,to keep your home’s Vastu in excellent shape, avoid placing waste bags, large furniture in the front entrance.

Location of the Puja Hall

Regardless of religious affiliation, every household should have a designated area for worship. You should aim for the northeast to get the finest possible Vastu for your home according to the experts of vastu check online. By focusing your prayers on this area, you’ll be able to feel closer to God.

Regardless of their orientation, all homes should have this configuration—puja room in the west zone’s second best choice.

If you don’t have a separate prayer room, you may put a god’s idol on a stand on the north-eastern wall of your living room and face it toward the northeast corner.

The Ideal Location For The Main Suite

The main bedroom is a space that symbolises a highly unique home area. It’s where you grab some shut-eye and recharge your batteries for the following day’s activities. You must achieve a sense of calm and serenity in your sleeping quarters.

Put the main bedroom in the west of your home if you want to achieve this. It’s a fantastic fit with your house’s Vastu. If it’s not an option, you can head, north, south-west, south or south-east. It depends on your age and profession as well.  Keep your bed away from the bedroom door or any beams that could fall on it.

In addition, you should consult with a specialist of vastu check online to determine the best sleeping position for you.

The Location Of The Kitchen

The kitchen is a symbol of food, providing sustenance and protecting against a wide range of ailments. It also contains a vital component of nature, namely, the flames of fire. You need a Vastu-compliant kitchen to have the greatest Vastu for your house.

South of south east is the southernmost area of the southern hemisphere, making it ideal for a kitchen. Alternatively, if it isn’t accessible, go to the west corner and consult a vastu expert for remedies there.

In addition to providing a place to call home, a house expands our mental space and symbolises who we are. Vastu, or habitation, is the place where God and man reside. Energy from the atmosphere, including solar, lunar, thermal, magnetic, light, and wind, plays a role in Vastu shastra’s calculations.

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