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Vastu tips you must follow if you’re a student

Vastu tips

Being a student is hard enough as it is with so many classes and so much information you have to absorb and apply to your tests and projects. Students are bombarded with many distractions such as video games, TV shows, YouTube, etc. Social media is designed specifically to have you hooked and grab your attention, so you ignore the work you are required to do. It is easy to get lost in such distraction, but it can be dangerous for your studies. You can quickly start losing marks on your tests and have a dropping CGPA. 

Concentration and positive energy are crucial for students to absorb information and do well on tests. The ancient science of Vastu Shastra plays a huge role in your mental state and can even help you concentrate better. Numerous studies have been conducted that correlate higher concentration levels to the position of certain things in your room. Vastu Shastra suggests that you study while sitting in a particular part of the room and facing a particular direction. You can consult the Famous astrologer in Mumbai to realign your room and study corner to have the best environment for studying. 

Here are a few Vastu tips that the best astrologer in Mumbai has suggested for your study room so you can get the best grades.

  1. The room you decide to study in should face the east or the west. However, even facing the north is acceptable as a second-best option.
  2. It is advisable not to have a cabinet or a beam over their study desk.
  3. According to Vastu, their trophies and certificates are supposed to be displayed on the north or the east wall of the room.
  4. Instead of having a door behind the chair of your study desk, it is advisable to have a wall behind your chair.
  5. It is important to leave space in front of your study table so that energy can flow freely and you are refreshed and can concentrate on your studies easily instead of feeling depressed because of the accumulation of energy in one space.
  6. Keep a piece of clear quartz on your study table to boost your concentration levels.
  7. Ensure that there are no mirrors in the room while you are studying, as they can distract you. 
  8. The east and the north wall are to be kept clear and open, while you can have cupboards against the south and west wall.
  9. The best astrologer in Mumbai suggests that you keep your study table clean and clutter-free so that you can focus on your work.
  10. The table itself should be of wood and in the shape of a rectangle. Irregular shapes are to be avoided.
  11. Place your study lamp in the southeast direction so that you can get uncontrolled light.
  12. The windows in the room are supposed to be on the North, West, or East wall and the door to the study room in the Northeast, north, east, or west direction.
  13. Vastu strongly suggests not to leave the wall that the student is facing to be blank. Instead, add some motivational quotes or posters so that you can be encouraged and motivated for a long time.
  14. The lighting condition in the room plays a major role in the student’s mental condition. Therefore, your room should be well lit, allowing plenty of sunlight to concentrate on your studies.

The best astrologer in Navi Mumbai suggests the following tips before your exam to get the best grades.

  1. Ensure that the northeast region of your home is clean and clutter-free to avoid excessive stress and tension before exams.
  2. Have curd and sugar before your exam to soothe your nerves and calm your mind.
  3. Sleeping with your head in the south or west direction is optimal for good mental health and relaxation, so you are better prepared for your test.
  4. The God who controls your brain waves and energy is Rahu. Therefore, it is important to appease him so that you can have a calm and stress-free mind before an exam.

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It is very common to see students working hard and doing their best in studying everything, but the test results are still disappointing. According to Vastu Shastra, the reason behind this could be facing the wrong direction while studying and not following the tips mentioned earlier. Use the astroyogi app to get personalised advice on aligning your room according to Vastu for extra concentration and focus on your studies. Get the best marks and Excel in your studies by following these Vastu tips Read More

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