Vedieka Dutt senses tremendous agony over the safety of women in our country

While we celebrate Navratri in the most pompous manner, worshipping Goddess Durga amongst heavy plumes of red colour, why don’t we spare a thought before putting a woman’s safety into grave danger? Hailing from a small town in Bengal, Vedieka Dutt talks how agonized she feels when she hears about these heinous crimes against women persisting in the society. 

The Indian Society must have progressed in several aspects due to reforms carried out by our benevolent and capable leaders. However, do women in this country feel safe? Vedieka talks about the hardships she had to face while she was pursuing her dream of becoming an actor. She says, ‘In the 21st century, women are working as hard as men do. However, women are not as safe at all. And the ones jeopardizing their safety are those men whom women trust. This is a bad situation and will get worse if not addressed at this moment.’

Indian women have proven themselves repeatedly and they deserve an equal right to prosper as human beings. Vedieka, who has moved out of her hometown, points out that women who travel afar from their homes to make a successful career do face their own set of problems but at no point in time should their safety be compromised. 7 years after the Nirbhaya rape case, Vedieka Dutt feels pained after hearing about Asifa, Dr.Priyanka Reddy, Roja and the countless ones which are never reported. 

On a parting note, Vedieka believes that ‘Good times always win over bad times.’ and education and the correct upbringing will help a new age of realization dawn upon our country.


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