Versus Versace Showcased their Latest Bold and Chic Collection at IRW 2019

VERSUS owned by the house of VERSACE, has the most youthful and cutting edge collection of timepieces for rebellious spirits who love iconic fashion accessories. Designed for a generation who believe in showing off as part of their look, VERSUS VERSACE promises a “More Than Fashion attitude” that is bold, youthful, fearless and proactive!
This year Versus Versace associated with India Runway Week and showcased their latest bold and chic collection of watches that can go well with all your outfits. With such bold and youthful collection, Versus Versace is a perfect accessory!
It resembles a perfect amalgamation of fashion and boldness at India Runway Week 2019.
The VERSUS VERSACE watch collection is designed with an unconventional Sheer & Daring style that interprets seasonal trends through the brand’s powerful DNA.
With this innovative, fashion-forward focus, VERSUS VERSACE entered into the Indian market with a sophisticated range of watches available in a wide variety of colors and styles that the youth can easily relate to. The timepieces are designed to blend timeless watch details with the youthful, vibrant spirit of the fashion-forward generation.
With bold and youthful collection, VERSUS VERSACE is an affordable luxury wearable which every experimental youth aspires to own. Versus Versace aims to take the Indian market by storm by being the most distinctive and affordable range of fashionable timepieces.
As the awareness of Global runway brands are growing on a larger rate in India, VERSUS VERSACE aims to target young, fashion conscious men and women who are seeking for classy yet quirky affordable luxury wearable
Just visit your nearest Versace Store and check out the lastest bolf and chic collection. The wide range of watches will definitely lit up your eyes and you wont resist trying it out.
Now, Discover more with Versus Versace Watches and follow the Trend.


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