Violin vs Guitar – Which Is Harder To Learn?

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Violin vs Guitar – Which Is Harder To Learn?

Okay, we get it—you love strings; you love listening to them and you’d love to learn how to play one. There are different types of string instruments in the world but some of the most popular ones you’ll find out there include the guitar and violin. However, both instruments require skill to play and just because you can play one, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to play the other.

So there’s now a problem. You are now being left to choose between having to take 小提琴課程 or to take guitar lessons. You don’t want to make a wrong choice by choosing an instrument that’ll stress you to learn. So you pick your phone and Google which instrument is easier to play between the guitar and violin. Lucky for you, your search led you to our blog post and in this guide, we’ll be looking at both instruments (the guitar and violin) to determine which instrument is easier to play. 

Differences between the guitar and violin

Before we go ahead to look at which instrument is harder to learn, having good knowledge about their differences will help in strengthening your decision on the instrument you’ll be learning.

Hence, the key differences between a guitar and violin include:

  • A guitar is made up of six strings while a violin is made up of four
  • Violins have pegs and also use fine tuners while guitars only have pegs
  • Violins use fingerboards while guitars use fretboards
  • Guitars are bigger than violins
  • A violins range is larger or bigger than that of a guitar
  • A violin has larger dynamic differences 
  • To play the violin you’ll have to use a bow and for a guitar, you’ll be using your fingers or a pick
  • The violin is a solo instrument while a guitar is a chord instrument
  • Violins pass for a more social instrument 
  • When compared to a violin, the guitar has a more comfortable playing position 
  • Guitars are less expensive than violins

Now you know the key differences between the two, let’s look at which one is harder to learn between a violin and guitar.

Violin vs guitar: Which one is harder to learn?

Between the two, it’s easier to learn a guitar. This is because, in order to become a good violin (performance-worthy level) player, you’ll need to put in more time practising. On the other hand, learning to play the guitar and becoming good requires time and patience but not as much as the time required to become a good violin player. So if you want to start playing stringed instruments and you are looking for a good place to start, guitars make a perfect start.

Other reasons why the guitar is easier to learn and play than the violin include:

  • The violin doesn’t have a fretboard (it’s a part of a guitar where all the metal frets are placed) which means that you’ll have to locate every tone using your ear.
  • Creating beautiful or amazing sounds using a violin’s bow as a learner or beginner is extremely difficult. It’s difficult to produce beautiful sounds on the violin because every string requires a different angle from the bow to achieve the required sound. Getting the perfect angle on each playing position every time requires several hours of practice.