Visiting a Children Psychologist in Dubai: What Should You Expect

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Back in the day, even the idea of child psychology was foreign. Nobody even paid attention to their behavior or habits that might be messing up their child nor much thought was given to how a child thinks, responds, and if they need help.

Things have changed for the better now. Child psychology is a much more understood concept. It is basically a branch of psychology that helps in understanding child psychology and assists parents in dealing with their children in a better way. 

You can take your little one to a child psychologist in Dubai if you have concerns about these areas:

  • Development
  • Milestones
  • Behavior
  • Emotions
  • Socialization

Let’s briefly take a look at all of them:


Child development is divided into three areas:

  • Physical Development deals with physical body changes. It also involves the acquisition of certain skills such as fine-motor coordination and gross motor.
  • Cognitive or Intellectual Development focuses on the processes that children use to gain knowledge. This includes imagination, reasoning, language, and thought.
  • Emotional and social development two are interrelated. The ability to relate to others is part of a child’s social development. Emotional development involves expressions and feelings. Confidence, fear, pride, trust, and humor are components of a child’s social-emotional development.

All three are linked with each other in a child’s development and the development of one area tends to impact the other.


Milestones are essential that allow the psychologist to measure your child’s progress in different development areas. These milestones play the role of checkpoints to determine what an average child can do at a certain age. When psychologists know the milestones for different ages, they can understand the normal child development and help in identifying problems if any.

The four main categories of developmental milestones are:

  • Physical milestones
  • Cognitive or mental milestones
  • Emotional and social milestones
  • Communication and language milestones


As the child grows, they face different phases till they develop their own identities and reach teenage. It’s all part of growing up. However, some children have difficult and challenging behavior.

Behavioral issues are the common reasons that make parents seek out the best psychologist in Dubai. They observe all possible causes along with brain disorders, diet, dynamics, family, genetics, and stress.


Emotional development focuses on learning and understanding how and why feelings and emotions are born. Also, it involves recognizing one’s own feelings as well as others and managing them. This process starts in infancy and continues till adulthood. 

With age, children face complex emotions. The triggers also change along with the strategies needed for their management.

Some children have a hard time regulating their emotions due to their emotional temperament. On the other hand, some are more intense in feeling emotions. Thus, they react more quickly and easily than others. They are emotionally reactive and not easy to calm down. They also get easily anxious. A child psychologist can identify the reason behind these and develops strategies to help them accept their feelings.


Social development is related closely to emotional development. It involves acquiring knowledge, values, and skills that allow children to relate to each other effectively and contribute to community, family, and school. Early childhood is a crucial period for socialization. Since the first and most important relationships are parents or caregivers, the quality of their relationship massively impacts their social development later on.

Children unable to properly socialize are unsuccessful in creating and maintaining relations. Your children psychologist in Dubai shall try to address these issues and control aggressive or hostile impulses. They help a child in self-expressing in a socially acceptable manner.

Seeking professional help in the early years goes a long way in ensuring healthy development in later years.