We are all in the midst of unprecedented times as we navigate the rapidly-evolving situation of COVID-19. Over 1.3 billion are under total lockdown till April 15, 2020 as India looks to contain the spread of coronavirus, we all need to support all actions that are being taken at national and local level in the interest of the entire community.

Keeping in mind the lockdown on account of the COVID-19 outbreak and the government’s request to restrict travel and outside contact, India’s first preventive care start up for pets, Wiggles launches Wiggles SmartVet, a unique online consultation service for pet parents across India. With a hassle free and swift process, pet parents can be assured of the best medical consultation for their pets while at home. With a panel of highly experienced and trained vets that is set up across India, Wiggles SmartVet will ensure that pets aren’t missing out on their necessary support and treatment in their times of need.


On adding a new line of service at Wiggles to further empower pet parents, Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO of Wiggles said,“Over the past couple of weeks, access to vets has become increasingly challenging. At Wiggles, we believe it is our responsibility to make all possible efforts within our capacity to keep our pets safe and in good health. Post the lockdown, we noticed several pet parents facing issues in consulting vets, getting timely treatments, medicines, etc. To bridge this gap, we have launched Wiggles SmartVet, a first of its kind online consultancy service for our furry friends. With SmartVet, we will proactively support all pet parents by connecting them with our experienced vets at Wiggles. In addition to that, in case of non-availability of medicines, we will also ensure the timely shipment of medication to pet parents. We hope that this new service, will really help us empower parents and help them sail through these uncertain times.”


Wiggles SmartVet service will be available 7 days a week and will ensure round the clock advice from vets over a video call at a nominal fee of Rs. 399 per month for 180 minutes of consultation for a single pet. Pet Parents can book appointments via dedicated helpline number (+91 8431620000).


About Wiggles.in

Wiggles.in is Founded by a team of pet lovers with the goal to spike up the number of healthy pets on the charts, creating a simple way for owners to keep their pets healthy and happy. And the best part? Honest, transparent pricing – and medical bills that don’t require a veterinary degree to understand.


Our offerings include Wiggles Monthly Subscription Box, Vet on Call and Grooming Services.

Wiggles Box: Your pet’s health essentials in a box delivered to your doorstep!

Vet on Call: Vet visits in the comforts of your home!

Grooming Services: Now it’s your pet’s time to shine!

We are currently located in Pune and Mumbai. Launching soon in Hyderabad, and Udaipur.

As an organisation, we believe in the values of compassion, growth and ownership. This reflects in our natural work environment.


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