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This is where we talk about make money online business ideas, tips, tools and reviews…

Starting on the 7th of July 2007, THB blog used to be the article extension of its partner site, Talkhomebusiness.com – The forum, also as part of an SEO – Search Engine Optimization experiment to channel website traffic via the BIG 3 Search Engines namely, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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No longer the article source for the forum, THB blog has evolved to be an independent make money online resource showcasing ideas, tips, tools, news and reviews pertaining to making money from home and on the Internet while still keeping a strong partnership with its original partner,

Behind its driving wheel is Fendi. Let’s hear from him…

Hi, I’m Fendi. I help run the forum – Talkhomebusiness.com together with it’s owner and my dependable and trustworthy partner Paul Lynch in January 2007. With me moderating the forum and Paul running the Admin bit, together both of us run the forum.

Talkhomebusiness.com is a work from home business discussion forum sharing ideas and tips on starting a home-based business and working from home as well as home-based business opportunities.

The aim is to foster a community of home business advocates and help one another become successful in our own right and achieve the goal of working from home – We’d rather say “minding your own home business”.

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The aim is to promote the forum and discuss topics related to home businesses online and offline.

Our partner, Paul, sold the forum in December 2007 to pursue his SEO business.

Having amassed an incredible Page Rank of 5 in six short months of its birth, Fendi never intended to sell the blog after him but instead has chosen to do a major revamp back in December 2007 and an even bigger revamp in February 2008.

The new owner Dave has since revamped the forum as well and has trusted Fendi to still moderate the ever-growing place.

Make money online is the new evolution for THB Blog and we aim to help each and everyone of our readers to simply make money online, improve their online [TAG-TEC]home business[/TAG-TEC] and provide great entertainment and value along the way, blogging style.

While never satisfied with the improvements being made so far, there will be concurrent improvements as we go along.

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If you are successful and have made money with your home business, you’ll realize that you are starting to hate everything that you do. You’ll start to think of what you got yourself into. It’s just like another mundane routine job. You become a worker for your home business and rarely have time for yourself.

Holidays will be a rare occurrence as you spend more time in your home business and keep pushing for business growth and more money. Those who show you pictures of them enjoying the sea breeze on a beach chair and laptop in hand are lying to you.

Suddenly, it’s all work and more work. The internet lifestyle that you seek rapidly becomes a myth. There is no freedom and you rarely get to socialize with your friends. So what is wrong and what should you do?

Realize this. You are all doing work by yourself! That’s the problem. Once you make some money from your own efforts, you need to duplicate the work by getting a team under your belt. The answer? Outsourcing.

Listen up. If you have been doing work all by yourself, you will get burned out eventually and you will grow to hate your home business. This is where you need to delegate your mundane tasks to others who are willing to take up the mantle. Surely you do not want to spend your time all day on the PC or laptop.

Sometimes I myself get sick of everything that I do and need a break from it all but am just afraid that my business stops growing. I feel like throwing in the towel and leave it at that. In fact, I have done so once on this blog and probably may do so again in the future by taking a break. But what about my other businesses?

I cannot afford to give them up can I? While I don’t seek to make money much from blogging in this niche, I have to do it in all the other niches. That’s when I started finding people to work for me. Now, I have article writers, designers etc. Invest in them to keep your sanity after you have made some money from your home business.

Only then will you grow to keep loving what you do and not the other way round.

Build links. Build links. Build Links. I had to say that 3 times because it is the most important factor of getting your website ranked. Effective link building is essential. When your website receives an incoming link from another, it shows how important your website is according to the search engines.

You need to rank for your keyword in your chosen niches. Period. Long term traffic is the goal when you go all out and build your links. Here is one effective way you can do to start building links back to your website. No. It is a must do!

Writing articles and submitting them. I’ve said before and I’m saying it again and will keep mentioning it again. If you have not started writing articles and submitting them to article directories, you are losing it big time. When you write articles, you get to leave a link back to your website in the author’s resource box. Make that 3 links. Not only that, you are also allowed to place a keyword anchored link that you wish to rank for.

Of course, don’t just write any article. Write something legible, understandable and most importantly informative. If you are stuck for ideas, read about how to get ideas for writing articles.

Thousands of article publishers also pull these quality articles from the article directories and fill them on their websites. What you get is another backlink to your website. Do not worry about all this talk about the duplicate content penalty you keep hearing about. A link is a link is a link! So how do you mass submit to many article directories all at once? Either you use an article submission service or you pay for software to help you. Personally, I have used a few and recommend Article Submitter. It’s free to download and you only upgrade if you’d go for the Gold or Platinum versions.

Article Submitter

Now go get your links done! 1 article a day and you’ll have 365 articles in a year and what if you do 5 articles a day or even 10 or more? Think about it.

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