What are Alignment Turn Plates?

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Alignment Turn Plates are tools for measuring angles in a mechanical setting. These devices have two main components, the base plate, and the top round plate. The base plate is made from durable metal and has dimensions of 14” x 14”. The top round plate is 13 3/8” in diameter and has a side movement of 2”. These plates can support up to 1.5 tons of weight.

Zackman Scientific Alignment Turn Plates

Zackman Scientific alignment turn plates are designed with precision and durability in mind. They have a sturdy metal base with dimensions of 14 x 14 inches. The top round plate is 13 3/8 inches in diameter and can move sideways and backward two inches. These plates are capable of supporting up to 1.5 tons.

A set of alignment turn plates from Zackman Scientific can be used in any workshop. Each plate comes with a two-plate set and two plastic turners. They’re both 2” wide with a 2” side-to-side movement. They weigh 37 pounds and are the perfect addition to any mechanic’s toolkit.

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Free-floating with 360-degree movement in all planes

The free-floating, 360-degree movement of Alignment Turn Plates is ideal for use in car alignment processes. They are designed to prevent wheel wobble and provide precise wheel movement under all conditions. They feature low friction and zinc plating, which means they can be used for a long time without rusting. They are designed to withstand repeated use on automobiles.

Two-plane movement

A good way to check the alignment of your turn plates is to perform a lateral compliance measurement. This will help you identify the centre of your joint and will help you find the angle of each segment. Once the angle is known, you can calculate the degrees of turning. You can also use the integrated centre of pressure to define starting and finishing points. The negative side of the centre of pressure is the left side, and the positive side is the right side. The average value of the centre of pressure was measured over a period of three seconds in a seated position.

When using an alignment system, different kinds of actuated release devices are available. These actuated release devices are used in conjunction with the turntable and skid plate.

Economical option

There are two basic types of turn plates. Cheaper ones are suitable for occasional use, while more expensive ones are suited for regular use. The first type of turn plate uses steel roller bearings with lateral compliance and degree of turn measurement. It is part of a commercial machine. The next type used plastic balls to support the plates. However, these were prone to wear after a few years. If you use your alignment turn plates occasionally, the latter option is more suitable.