What are the Benefits of Black Diamonds

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The Beauty and Benefits Of Black Diamonds that you must know

For jewelry lovers, nothing is more appreciated than black gemstones: sapphire, jade, onyx, obsidian, jet, or the spectacular black pearls. But among so much beauty, the black diamond is undoubtedly, never better said the jewel in the crown.

The black diamond, also known as carbon is the natural variety of the diamond more resistant, polycrystalline amorphous agglomerate, carbon graphite, and diamond crystals. The black diamonds reach a maximum of 10 on the Mohs scale, and cannot be altered with anything except other diamonds. They are opaque, porous, and do not produce light refraction or shine. In its natural state, it is difficult to find and therefore very expensive and appreciated. They are essentially found in alluvial deposits in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

History of the Black Diamond

With a color reminiscent of hematite, the most beautiful black diamonds are used in jewelry, while the rest are used by industry, where their exceptional hardness makes them very useful for polishing, sanding, drilling and cutting tools. Its origin is highly debated. Some experts believe that their origin is in a supernova, while others claim that they were formed just 100 million years ago, unlike classical diamonds, whose origin dates back more than 3,000 million years. The black diamond was discovered by the Portuguese in 1840, who named it carbonado because of its similarity to coal.

What is Black Diamonds?

Black Diamonds – In recent times its fame has increased, but until a while ago, if you thought about diamonds, what came to mind was the classic diamond stone, brilliant cut and often set in a woman’s ring. The dream of many women, which not rarely, becomes reality.

But the taste, elegance, the search for new gems, and the demand for novelty have led fans and collectors to also consider colorful diamonds, or Fancy diamonds, which often have nothing to envy to classic diamonds. Colorless.

The origin

Initially, black diamonds were used in industry, for example, to build drill tips. Subsequently, because of their value, they became one of the most precious gems used in jewelry.

The crystal structure of a black diamond is the same as that of any other diamond.

Black diamonds can be treated, that is, subjected to heating processes as in the case of many fancy diamonds, until the final black coloration is obtained. But there are natural black diamonds, which are very rare and therefore of great value. The black color occurs in the diamond due to graphite inclusions inside the crystal structure, these inclusions are inserted into the mineral during the formation process.

We are talking about millions and millions of years ago, that is, of the era that precedes the period in which the kimberlite deposits, which house the gem, reached the earth’s crust.

As already mentioned, the crystalline structure of diamonds is always the same, without differences if it is classic, colorful or black diamonds, but they vary in the presence of a greater or lesser degree of graphite inclusions.

Black gemstones are included in the most expensive natural rocks in the world; this stone is also believed to have a very sacred myth for the community. In India, this black diamond stone is dedicated to the gods. This rock that was formed over millions of years in the bowels of the earth has several features that you should know. The beauty and efficacy of this stone will certainly amaze you, here’s the discussion.

1. Black Diamond Can Give a Classy and Elegant Impression

Black Diamonds in addition to having a hard and strong texture that can reflect light are also able to provide extraordinary beauty from their uniqueness.

Its beauty is not just bullshit; this black diamond stone has also been used by the nobles for a long time and is now often used by famous artists as well as the rich and nobles. The black color is very synonymous with the impression of elegance and luxury, so with its dark black color, this diamond gives the impression of luxury, elegance, and class for its users.

Since time immemorial, this type of black diamond has been placed as a symbol of beauty, strength, purity, and honor for its users, even today it is still used as a symbol of luxury and wealth.

2. Provides Calm and Emotional Therapy for Users

Formed for thousands and even millions of years in the core or bowels of the earth, naturally black diamond stones with high mineral content are believed to be able to produce vibrations that will center on the soles of the feet.

The soles of the feet are the nerve center even in the world of health; the soles of the feet have nerve points to help cure various diseases in the body. The color is black and luminous with the given vibration will give peace, fortitude, and steadfastness, and inner peace.

This black diamond is also believed to be able to encourage the psychic development of its owner so that it will be very suitable as mental therapy and emotional therapy so that it makes the owner calmer.

3. Able to Increase Brain Focus

The black diamond vibrations produced on the soles of the feet will have an impact on the nervous system in the brain so that these vibrations will be able to increase the focus of the brain, especially for worldly affairs.

Minerals and characteristics formed from nature provide vibrations and beauty that can provide brain therapy so that they can open the mind and clear the mind. With this, black diamonds can stimulate creativity, intelligence, imagination to improve the quality of the owner’s self.

4. Increase Your Financial Coffers

Another specialty of this black diamond is the selling price which is quite high and fantastic so that it will make you more interested. Formed naturally for thousands of years in the bowels of the earth, black diamonds from this type of diamond are valued at prices reaching tens of millions per carat while an average black diamond has 202-272 carats so you can calculate for yourself how many coffers of wealth you will get. You get from this stone. For those of you who want to buy it, this price is the most valuable or most fantastic price this diamond has ever achieved until now.

Such is the beauty and efficacy of black diamonds that will surely amaze you. Having this type of black diamond jewelry like Black Diamond Engagement Rings, Earring will certainly provide various benefits for you. You can buy this Black Diamonds Online Store at Gemistone.com