What Are the Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry?

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The ancient Greeks were aware of the health benefits of silver, with Hippocrates himself writing about the advantages of using silver jewelry in the home.

Today we are looking deeper into the science and finding that there is much truth in what our ancestors knew about this remarkable metal.

If you like the look of silver jewelry and would like to know more about the health benefits of wearing it, then read on. We will dive into some of the main advantages to your health of wearing silver.

Antimicrobial Properties

Silver has long been known for its ability to help fight against bacteria and stave off infections. Plasters and wound care now often include silver in their design to help you fight infections that might follow after an injury.

Wearing silver jewelry could help with keeping bacteria at bay on your body. Whereas using silver cutlery and bowls in the kitchen may be able to help you keep your kitchen free from nasty bugs for longer.

Silver is the best jewelry for helping keep your body germ-free.

Silver is Sterile

All the tools used in hospitals before, during, and after surgery are made of silver. This is because silver is a sterile substance. Again, this could help keep the bugs away from you and your body if you are wearing silver .

In fact, even in ancient history, people were aware of the sterilization properties of silver. They used it in their medical practices, and people wore silver jewelry to help keep them in good health and limit contact with unpleasant diseases caused by germs.

Helps You Regulate Your Body Heat

Scientists are currently studying the effects of silver on the body and are especially looking into its role in body heat regulation. Many people report that when wearing silver jewelry, they feel cooler and more relaxed.

The jury is still out, scientifically, but there is mounting anecdotal evidence that silver jewelry could be helping people to better regulate their body heat and keep themselves cool. This, in turn, has a positive boost on their mental health and helps them relax and stay calm.

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Natural Toxicity Detector

One of the benefits of silver is that it is great at detecting toxicity in the environment around you and could be used as an early warning system that something is not right in your surroundings before you feel adverse health effects.

Silver will change color when it comes into contact with toxic substances. If you are wearing silver jewelry and you notice the color of your ring or bracelet change color, then you know it is time to wash your hands and help remove the substance you may have come into contact with.

It also changes color when it comes into contact with high-sodium, including consuming a high-salt meal. If you notice your silver  turning blue, you may be eating too much sodium, which is bad for your overall health.

Silver Jewelry Is Good For Your Health

Overall, when you are styling your jewelry, consider the health benefits of silver jewelry and how great it can look. Wearing silver jewelry can not only make you look good, but also help keep you safe from our increasingly toxic world.

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