What are the different types of ladies sandals available online

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So you are all decked up in your traditional wear with kundan earrings, and do you think you can  wear your office shoe and go for the event? think again! 

The footwear can add elegance and grace to your entire attire or break (read as a ruin) it. If you are like how I used to be earlier, undecided about what footwear to match with the wardrobe, there is no need to despair now. Or are you one of those who are restricted by a health issue or are only comfortable wearing a particular type of footwear? Today at your fingertips, more precisely the tip of your thumb, you could choose from a variety of options of footwear available online. Let us look at some of the vast options in ladies shoes that you could choose from: high heels for parties, sneakers for gym, ballards for yoga, walks and sandals for daily wear.

Even if we are looking at ladies sandals, there is such a wide variety to get you spoiled for both style and durability of comfort.


Here are some of the different types of ladies sandals based on the heels:

  1. Pencil heels – are slender heels 5 cm to 10 cm and look good on any western wear.

2. Block heels – these sandals have broad heels, good for those who are uncomfortable balancing informal pencil heel footwear.

3. Stilettos – these are slender heels but more in height as compared to pencil heels and are good for party wear.

4. Flat heels – travelling to work or standing on feet the entire day?? heels should be your best bet.

5. Gladiator sandals are flat soles strapped to ankle or knee-length.

6. Platform sandals – adds height since it is not just the heels but the entire sole that is cushioned up.

7.Slingback heels – with a strap on the heels for additional support, these sandals can be adorned for both traditional and western wear.

8. Wedges are sandals with high heels, and the soles also are raised. 

9. Pumps are flat low heeled shoes usually worn as office footwear.

10. Open toe double strap heels are mostly worn by office goers. Quite convenient during rush hours for their durability and support.

11. Y shaped strap sandals are sandals without a heel and have the slipper design but with straps on the ankle for support

12. Closed-toe T shaped sandal strapped at the ankle for support.

13. Espadrilles are jute soles with cotton or canvas fabric for the upper part, just right for sweaty feet.


Different types of ladies sandals based on the front toe:

  1. Open front toe or peep toes with heels look so elegant and can be worn with Punjabi suits, sarees as well as western outfits.

2. Closed-toe sandals with backless straps that are the heels are not covered; these look good on pants, skirts, long gowns.

3. Slip-on style best wear for the beach, short distance walk.

4. Sliders come in the most comfortable fabric for home or bathroom wear.

Too many options to choose from isn’t it. So go ahead and up your style quotient with your footwear to match your wardrobe and the occasion you are dressing up for.

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