What Are The Responsibilities of the Ground Handlers in an Airport?

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Ground handling is one of the most challenging jobs all over the world. Thousands of companies rely on these services at regular intervals. Ground handling requires utmost vigilance, solid nerves and patience. Therefore, training for ground handlers is considered the toughest all over the world. Ground service handlers perform some of the most vital tasks under the aircraft.

How to Overcome Difficulties And Give Your Crew a Comfortable Trip?
We ensure the safety of aircraft and many passengers boarding the aircraft. The job starts when an aircraft lands at the airport until it takeoff again safely. Our team have deployed to cater your aircraft’s requirements present on the ground.

Aircraft Marshalling

The aircraft is landed at the airport Here, our duty of ground handling starts. Aircraft marshalling is the very first step of their responsibility. Also, the very last responsibility perform for any particular aircraft. So, our crew brought the aircraft to its designated parking spot for passengers to be offloaded as soon as the plane landed on the runway.

Once the aircraft is ready to take off after all the services performed and loaded with passengers, this is again being marshalled to the designated runway to take off.

On aircraft carriers or helipads, marshallers give take-off and landing clearances to aircraft and helicopters, where the very limited space and time between take-offs and landings makes radio communications a difficult alternative.

Marshalling is one-on-one visual communication and a part of aircraft ground handling. It may be as an alternative to, or additional to, radio communications between the aircraft and air traffic control. The usual equipment of a marshaller is a reflecting safety vest, a helmet with acoustic earmuffs, and gloves or marshalling wands–handheld illuminated beacons.

At airports, the marshaller signals the pilot to keep turning, slow down, stop, and shut down engines, leading the aircraft to its parking stand or to the runway. Sometimes, the marshaller indicates directions to the pilot by driving a “Follow-Me” car (usually a yellow van or pick-up truck with a checkerboard pattern) prior to disembarking and resuming signalling, though this is not an industry standard.

Luggage Clearance

Once the plane has been offloaded with the passengers. Then another most essential responsibility of our crew is to unload the luggage from the aircraft. We use specialized equipment to complete this task within no time. After the luggage is unload from the aircraft, it is moved towards the conveyer belts leading towards the specific area. Then from here, passengers can quickly locate their luggage.

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Cleaning of Toilets, Disposal Tanks

Once the aircraft is empty, our ground handling team starts all the cleaning procedures of the aircraft’s toilets. They also clean the disposal tanks of the aircraft. So that our team can be utilized to carry all the waste material while the plane is taking the next flight.

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Cleaning and Servicing the aircraft 

All the aircrafts need to be neat and clean. So that all their passengers can have a hygienic, reasonable, and comfortable flight. Another significant responsibility of ground handling teams is to clean the aircraft as the benchmarks are set for the aircraft, after completion of the cleaning and servicing of the aircraft. Finally, our team inspects the aircraft as per the needs and requirements of the customers.

Aircraft cleaning standards are regulatory requirements that civil aviation authorities (worldwide) impose on the airline operators to ensure the minimum level of cleanliness onboard. The purpose of cleaning standards in commercial aircraft is to ensure the health and safety of passengers and crew.

Catering Services

It is well-known that most flights offer food, drinks, and other goodies to the passengers. It is the task provided to our handling team to complete the catering services of the aircraft. As soon as the aircraft lands on the ground, our teams get high alert and see it in full action. This team needs to clear the aircraft with previous catering equipment and load it with the new equipment, food and drinkable items.


Once the aircraft is ready for taking off, our ground handling team provides all necessary documents to the plane crew members. These documents possess all the information like fuel, passenger count, engine, flight time, and if any sensitive item has been present in any passenger’s luggage.

Refueling and Towing the Aircraft

It is also the job of our handling team to fuel up the aircraft for its next designated flight. Last but not least, once. The aircraft is ready for takeoff towing specialist team takes. The aircraft to its assigned runway for its next flight.

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