What are the unique styles of halo engagement rings?

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Halo Engagement Rings are quite popular among brides because they give more bling and make your diamond look brighter and bigger. They help in adding a refined touch and elegant look to your wedding or engagement ring. You can add more bling to your diamond engagement ring by opting for the most popular Halo-style engagement ring. The unique Halo styles will add a wow factor to your finger.

Different Halo styles for your ring

When you are designing your Halo ring, you will come across many common styles that you can provide to give an elegant look to your ring. Before designing, you need to discover whether you want to add a modernist touch or vintage style to your ring. 

  • Classic

If you want to make your center diamond stone look larger, a classic Halo style will be the right option. In this type of ring style, the width of your Halo material remains the same all the way around your diamond stone in the center. Classic Halo style adds a lot of spark to your jewel.

  • Scalloped

The scalloped Halo setting provides the wearer with a vintage touch to their ring. In this type of setting, the Halo comes with round metal around every diamond in the halo. Brides who want to add a floral touch and vintage flair to their ring in order to soften the look of their engagement ring will love scalloped Halo-style rings.

  • Sunburst

Unlike traditional and classic halo, sunburst halo styles provide an edgy personality to your Halo ring. For instance, the famous engagement ring worn by Princess Diana and now by the Duchess of Cambridge. Sunburst draws more attention in contrast to classic halo rings. You will come across different styling options if you opt for this halo style. 

  • Double Halos

Are you looking for a timeless, classic halo style in your engagement ring? Then you can go for double halos, which will feature small round diamonds around the center stone. Double Halos are available in different ring styles. You will get two loops of diamonds or gemstones in double halo rings around your center stone. 

  • Ballerina

The geometrical pattern of ballerina halos is inspired by the Art Deco Era and is becoming increasingly popular in recent days. If you want to add a bigger fashion statement to your engagement ring, this style will make you stand out. Ballerina halos offer a lot of sparkle to the center diamond and use elongated baguette gemstones that extend out from the Diamond placed in the center of the ring. This Halo style uses rectangular and elongated gemstones to provide a distinctive look to the halos.

  • Antique Frame

For brides who want to add a subtle and vintage look to their engagement ring other than scalloped and sunburst halos, go for antique frame halos ring styles. 

In this type of Halo style, small gemstones or diamonds of different metalwork and sizes are placed. Antique frame halo belongs to the vintage style wedding or engagement ring that adds an elegant shine to the center stone.

  • Floral halo 

Floral halo ring styles resemble the natural shape of a flower. Those who want to add nature-inspired ring style order engagement ring can go for floral Halo rings. 

How much do Halo rings cost?

Halo rings vary between $500 to $15,000 depending on the metal, style, and number of stones used in them. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for Lab Grown Diamonds, which would cost you 40 to 50% less than natural diamonds. Lab-grown Halo rings look exactly like natural diamonds and are rising in popularity in recent days. Halo rings that are lab grown are a trendy choice, especially for eco-conscious people. These engagement rings offer excellent brilliance and shine to your ring, so they have been a popular and luxurious choice for decades.