What does a family attorney do?

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Family is one of the closest knit of individuals. Family is the institution based upon the co-dependency of a family member upon each other for emotional security, protection, and affection. Most relationships with family work upon the foundation of something called ‘unbreakable bonds.’ However, there are times when an individual needs to terminate the relationship and bonds of the family. Family is one of the crucial and emotional aspects of law where families are built or divided with the help of law. Being a family lawyers in Adelaide means a lawyer will be dealing with all the legal aspects of families, such as:

  • Divorces 
  • Adoptions 
  • Child Custody and support issues 
  • Pre and Post-nuptial agreements 

Family lawyers act as the intermediaries between the family members among whom a clash has taken place. Family lawyers are basically designated to deal with family-related legal issues. Here are a few issues where family attorneys help in seeking legal common ground. Are you a resident of Adelaide and looking for family lawyers in Adelaide? Then we have the best pick for you mentioned ahead.

To terminate the legally registered marriage, there is a need to be a divorce agreement. Both parties hire family attorneys to either create the settlement plan or fight their cases in front of the judiciary. The main role of the family lawyer is to deal with the alimony and divide marital property.

  • Child custody 

When there is a split between married couples with a kid, there are specific trials for child custody and support. When there is a large divorce case, settlement agreement, child custody, and child support, three are all parts of a legal case of divorce. Family attorneys are responsible for revisiting the child support and alimony. 

  • Paternity

Usually, paternity cases are filed by divorced mothers in order to secure child support and secure the financial future of the child. But there are some instances where paternity cases are filed by fathers in order to maintain the relationship with their children. Here the family attorney makes sure that there is sufficient child support in the first case, and in another case, they make sure that the father is able to maintain the relationship. 

  • Adoption 

Most couples desire the child after a certain point in their marriage, or even live-in couples do have the wish to adopt the child. The process of adoption is complex and needs legal assistance. Here, an attorney deals with all the legal procedures and helps couples to adopt a baby. If the family is seeking adoption from another country or state, the laws for adoption are different. The role of a family attorney is very crucial when it comes to matters of adoption and foster care.

  • Cases of domestic violence and abuse 

 Domestic violence is a reality. Even in today’s world, we can witness multiple examples of domestic violence. To deal with a problem like this, people need a family lawyer who can represent you in the court.Family attorneys of both parties state their case in front of magistrates and try to find justice for the victims. These cases are very crucial and complex in nature. If you are looking for legal assistance, do check out the services of Liptak lawyers.

  • Legal Advice

No matter who you are or what you do, you cannot know everything. When it comes to the law, some of us are almost good for nothing; but we cannot deny that we sometimes need advisors who can provide us with the right advice. 

Whether you are being sued by someone or you want to file a case against somebody, having legal advice becomes mandatory in such cases. So, if you have a Chicago Family Attorney, it can provide some relief to you because only lawyers can tell you what should be the next most appropriate step. As a result, the family members can make an informed decision.

  • Property

Property agreements and estate are big responsibilities. Here, a small mistake can cause you big trouble. So, when you decide to sell any land or buy one, try to do that under the supervision of your family lawyer. Big estates and properties can be confusing and complicated, generating a lot of stress for the family members. So, hiring a family lawyer can be of great help if you want to put some pressure off your shoulder. But remember, while you hire a lawyer to keep an eye on your properties, make sure the person is reliable. 

  • Representing In Court

One of the biggest responsibilities of a family lawyer is to represent the client in court. Suppose one of the family members of the family has been sued by someone or someone from your family has filed a case against someone else, if you have a family lawyer, it is the family lawyer’s responsibility to represent your family member in court by placing all the evidence and witnesses. Having a family lawyer provides such a privilege to the family.

  • Wealth And Documents

When it comes to keeping records of something as important as wealth or family assets, no one is more trustworthy than a family lawyer. If the eldest member of the family wants to make a will, that person prefers to consult the family lawyer to discuss the matter. In short, whether it is distributing a family asset or making a will, family lawyers are the ones bestowed with the responsibility.


Whether it is dealing with a family issue, domestic violence, or handling a business, legal advisors have become a necessity. Besides helping people by providing the right legal advice, they also represent their clients in court, acting as a confidant. Not only that, most of us do not know the law very well. As a result, people can make mistakes while adopting a child or filing a divorce case. Consequently, they can face undesirable hindrances on the way. 

But if you have a capable and trustworthy family lawyer to guide you and tell you what to do and what not to do, you can be relieved and free from unnecessary stress. If you too, think that having a family attorney can be beneficial, you can consider hiring someone for your family.