What is a Blade Sign and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

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The history of blade signs dates back to the fourteenth century. Blade signs became extremely popular in the 1930s and by the 1960s many buildings treasured this vintage signage element. As time passed, with so much advancement in technology and printing facilities, many new and advanced signage forms have emerged.

But the tradition and classic appearance of a blade sign is still cherished. Moreover, now we have many customization options to innovatively design our custom blade signs.

Blade Signs are an excellent choice for attracting people’s attention and they assist your customers in finding your location regardless of where they are coming from.

In this blog, we will guide you about the basics of a blade sign and how it can be beneficial for your business.

What are Blade Signs?

A blade sign is a type of navigation sign that is attached to a surface that is perpendicular to the usual traffic flow, such as a building façade or a storefront pole. Traditionally, blade signs have been rectangular and flat. But they can be custom designed to any shape and size.

Blade signs are one of the most efficient ways to get people into your business.

The phrase blade sign refers to the flat, thick signage that is commonly found hanging in front of shops. The term blade refers to how both sides of the sign are visible. They are also known as swinging signs, storefront signage, hanging signs, flat signs, or scroll bracket signs.

Benefits of Blade Signs for Your Business!

Blade signs are very popular in central retail districts with high foot and street traffic, crowded marketplaces, and shopping malls.

Blade signs are generally double-sided and can complement the store’s brand image, appearance, and feel.

Read on the following benefits of blade signs and order a custom blade sign for your storefront:

· Blade Signs Have a Classic Appearance…

Blade signs can be innovatively customized or traditionally hand-painted, or wood-carved, nevertheless, they offer a sophisticated, classic appearance that distinguishes them from all other contemporary signage, no other innovative signs can match the contemporary look of a classic blade sign.

· Blade Signs are Highly-Customizable…

The customization options with blade signs are limitless. Every component of a blade sign can be personalized to fit a company’s brand, from size to material, shape to colors, and design to installation.

Your business logo, brand colors, marketing slogan, business timings, vital information, and any other materials can be included on the blade sign customized to match your brand identity.

Best blade signs
Best blade signs

A blade sign can be an extension of your brand’s personality; you can have a basic sign or a piece of art; blade signs come in a wide range of styles.

The perfectly customized offers clients the first impression of your business before they ever enter your premises.


· Blade Signs are Two-Sided Signage…

They are highly visible to passersby from both directions and ensure that a company is not overlooked since they are written on both sides.

This unique feature makes them the perfect navigational signage that is visible from both sides for attracting foot traffic so the customers can locate your business space easily.

· Blade Signs can be Illuminated…

If you want the blade sign with the lightning option, you can contact an experienced sign company that can create lighted blade signs for your business.

So your custom blade sign will be visible during the day and at night, providing a striking storefront that will catch the attention of every passerby.

Lighted blade signs are very popularly used in bars and pubs, and indoor shopping malls, because of their appeal people spot them easily.

· Blade Signs Work as Navigation Signs…

Blade Signs serve a similar purpose as a way-finding sign. The sign protrudes perpendicularly from the structure of the building, drawing attention to it for navigation.

This is beneficial for street traffic since it shows that your shop stands out from the crowd, encouraging people to come inside and discover what’s in-store.

· Blade Signs Draw Attention…

When you carefully design and place your blade sign, you can capture the attention of your potential customers. They are often positioned at an angle that allows customers to view them as they walk by, stand at a distance, or run along the side of the building.

It can be used to supplement your storefront sign and assist your business take up more visual areas without taking up too much space.

· Blade Signs are very durable…

Blade signs are usually manufactured from metal/aluminum that is a long-lasting and most durable signage material, it won’t rust or bend even in harsh weather.

If your business requires an indoor blade sign them acrylic is the best sturdy material to achieve a professional glass appearance.

Blade signs are also hand-carved with wood, which is a traditional way but is still very famous because of their look and durability.

· Blade Signs are Budget-Friendly…

Blade signs can be made to fit your budget, and with the variety of shapes and sizes that sign companies offer, they can make a blade sign that meets all of your needs, even if you choose a double-sided sign with a more stylish bracket within your budget.

Restaurants can cafes that have a larger roadside space mostly imply more than one to attract customers from each side of the street, and it is more economical than investing in one bigger sign.

· Blade Signs are Made at Fast Turnaround…

Blade signs can be made in a reasonable amount of time, it depends on the customization options that how fast they can be delivered.

Expert sign companies in NYC provide fast turnaround and professional installation services for blade signs.

Even if you don’t have your storefront signs up, having a blade sign is a good way to inform your customers that your store is open.

The benefits of employing a blаdе sign in advertising and marketing campaigns are numerous. Companies and businesses that utilize these signs can use their market’s impact to reach a bigger number of customers. This tуре оf strаtеgу hеlрs thе businеss rеасh mоrе реорlе аnd gеnеrаtе mоrе рrоfit.

· Order a Custom Blade Sign for Your Business Now!

A correctly chosen, perfectly designed, and flawlessly installed custom blade sign will surely help your business in attracting a bigger number of customers to your organization and it can help your business develop and thrive.

So order a custom blade sign from a professional sign company in NYC.