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What is a desert safari in Dubai?

Desert Safari Dubai combines nature, adventure, and the most outstanding cultural and traditional experiences in one great package. At Desert Adventures, we’re looking forward to it, depending on which Dubai desert safari you choose.

Types of desert safari in Dubai

Dubai desert evening safari

This Dubai desert safari tour starts in the late afternoon. It continues until dark, Including a morning desert safari, barbecue, belly dancing, live performance, and other cultural experiences and traditional entertainment.

Dubai desert morning safari

One of the best desert safaris, whether you are short on time or want to see the fantastic beauty and animals of the desert. As a bonus, don’t forget the many adventure activities that fill this desert safari, such as hill walking and camel riding.

Sunrise and sunset views in the desert safari

Seeing the sunrise and sunset is a common feature of most Dubai desert safaris. Even if you’re not a photographer, you can’t help but capture the incredible view of the sun rising or setting over the desert.

Experience traditional Arabic hospitality

After a dune adventure and a few short breaks, you’ll arrive at a Bedouin-style campsite. Here you can kill some time before your Dubai desert safari ends. Here the party starts with Arabic coffee and fresh dates. And this will also boost your energy for your next adventure.

Desert activities

Dubai camel ride

Ride a camel over the beautiful dunes of the desert and admire the ever-changing colors. In addition to all the thrills and spills, you’ll get a glimpse of how life was in the ancient emirate before oil became mainstream.


With the help of an experienced 4×4 driver, your dune experience will be at its best. Undoubtedly, this is the most pulsating road through a sea of ​​low and high dunes. A desert safari in Dubai is a must for thrill seekers.

Dune Buggy Dubai

For the adventurous, we offer an exciting 6-hour night desert safari. In addition, we offer the best packages for morning and night tours. This adventure includes dune bashing on the Red Dunes of Dubai. Visitors can drive a Land Cruiser through the desert and ride a quad bike, an ATV experience in the desert. But Desert Safari also offers a variety of exciting activities such as camel riding, photography, and sand boarding.

Before starting the trip:

Listen to your tour guide explain Covid19 protocols and safety instructions. It couldn’t be better with the added benefit of requesting a personal tour. The great news is when you consider more than one package. Be prepared and offer extra rewards and points.

Desert safari inclusion:

Most safari tours include camel rides, but camel desert safaris also charge a fee. Leave all your worries behind for a memorable 45-minute camel ride. My family and I went on a desert safari in the morning on a rainy day.

Included in the suggested package:

Desert Safari at checkout to enjoy the sand, camel rides, food and drinks, and more. Get an additional 35% discount on your chosen package. Book a quad bike with Desert Safari Tours for a desert safari tour in Dubai and a tricycle ride in the desert. Plan your trip with the best Abu Dhabi tour operator, and get ready to enjoy your time. Get the latest desert safari offers and enjoy the desert safari adventure.

Morning safari:

The price of the desert safari varies from 45 dirhams to 260 dirhams per person. You can also choose depending on your need and budget. Additionally, customized package trading options are available as per your requirement.

Premier Dubai desert safari

This premier Dubai desert safari comes with unlimited snacks and drinks. After settling into the Bedouin camp, enjoy complimentary refreshments. Tea, Arabic espresso, soft drinks, free snacks, etc. We have designed an affordable package for all potential customers.

Private desert safari Dubai

Customized tour features allow you to have a great time with your family and friends. Very friendly and must have incredible expertise on a private evening desert safari in Dubai. Desert safari drivers are consultants with knowledge and legal licenses.

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