What is an ISOFIX, and Why Should Your Vehicle Have it?

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In the past, a road accident eventually led to the death of passengers in a vehicle. The vehicles do not have advanced safety features and essentials, as well as the driving conditions were also not so commendable, which led to tragedies. People used to avoid riding with children or made sure to keep babies on their lap to offer them support and protection until the ISOFIX system was introduced.

What is an ISOFIX System?

The ISOFIX system is an internationally standardized car seat fitting system that allows parents and adults to seat their kids in vehicles comfortably. It is a specific seat for children which maximizes their safety, protection, and comfort while hindering their movement.

Types of ISOFIX System

ISOFIX systems are of various types, as not all vehicles are the same and not all children are of the same age. Due to this, the ISOFIX system is mainly of the following three types:

  • Universally approved
  • Semi universally approved
  • Vehicle specific approved

Get into the details of this article to learn more about the ISOFIX system and why you should have it in your vehicle if you frequently travel with kids.

Top 6 Benefits of Having ISOFIX System in Your Vehicle

Vehicles are an important need of this era, and you cannot make your child not ride one until they grow old. If you are too worried about their safety and comfort while riding a car, you need to learn about as well as rent a car with ISOFIX system, and all your worries will get vanished.

Here are some of the major benefits of having an ISOFIX system in your vehicle, which can help you a lot in the long run.

1.     Attaches Seat to Vehicle Directly

The first and foremost benefit of having an ISOFIX system in your vehicle is that it will attach the seat directly to the vehicle. In other words, the internationally standardized car seat fitting system will make sure the child seat does not look odd and perfectly fits into the vehicle, which will keep it fixed too. This is why many people contact monthly car hire Dubai based dealers and ask for vehicles with the ISOFIX system

2.     Decrease Risk of Wrong Fitting

One of the greatest benefits of the ISOFIX system in vehicles is that it decreases the risk of the wrong fitting. The seat belts might not fit well while you think it is fixed and get loose in case of any collision. However, that is not the case with the ISOFIX system, as the seat will be perfectly fit and will not get loose even in the case of collision, so it can offer huge comfort while traveling.

3.     Creates Rigid Connection for Protection

Another significant benefit of preferring vehicles with the ISOFIX system is that it creates a rigid connection for protection. If you are relying only on a seat belt for the safety of your child in the vehicle, you are bound to regret the decision. The connection of seat belts can break anytime and put your child at risk. On the other hand, the rigid connection developed by the ISOFIX system will always ensure and maximize child safety and protection.

4.     Easy to Install

One of the greatest benefits of getting vehicles will the ISOFIX system is that it is easy and quick to install. If you are going to ride the vehicle with kids, you can quickly install the seats in the vehicle without much hassle. On the other hand, if you are riding with them but with friends and will be needing more space, you can always uninstall and get it out. So, it is safe and quick to manage, in addition to offering protection.

5.     Limits Risk of Injuries in Accident

Another notable benefit of having an ISOFIX system in your vehicle is that it limits the risk of injuries. While wearing seat belts, children can still lose their balance and turn sideways, even if they do not move ahead in case of an accident, which will cause them injuries. On the other hand, the ISOFIX system limits the injuries during accidents while keeping the children stuck in their seats firmly and not compromising their comfort at all.

6.     Keeps Seat Locked Even Without Child

You might not always be traveling or riding the vehicle with your little one; even then, the ISOFIX system will keep the vehicle locked into its place. It is another great benefit as you will not have to load and unload the seat every time, fearing it will create a disturbance. So, do not waste your time and contact car dealers to rent a vehicle with the ISOFIX system and enjoy your long rides with or without kids safely.

Are you looking for where to get vehicles with the ISOFIX system?

If yes, you do not need to worry too much about it. Contact the professional car dealers and rent the best cars with the ISOFIX system and ensure your kids are always safe and well seated during longer or shorter trips in your vehicle.